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Thread: Chicago Symphony Principal Tuba

  1. Chicago Symphony Principal Tuba

    Audition Repertoire is as follows:

    Taped preliminary round:

    Benvenuto Cellini #16-5 of #19
    Gershwin: American in Paris 4 bars after reh #67-68
    Holst: The Planets: Jupiter
    Mahler: Sym. no.1 (III);
    Mahler no.6: 4th movement
    Mussorgsky: Pictures; Bydlo
    Prokofiev #5: 1st mvt
    Respighi: Fountains
    Strauss: Heldenleben 1 after #62- 2 after #65
    Stravinsky (1911) Bear solo
    Wagner: Meistersinger solo; Walkure "Ride"

    To be played with Trombone Section:

    Bruckner #8: Haas version 4th mvt
    Hindemith: Mathis der Maler; Symphonic Metamorphosis
    Tchaikovsky Sym. 6, 3rd and 4th mvt
    Prokofiev: Lt. Kije Suite
    Kodaly: Hary Janos
    Brahms: Sym. 2
    Verdi: Nabucco Overture

    Final Round:

    Benvenuto Cellini #16-5 of #19
    Mahler 1 (III) (hold D for four bars)
    Prokofiev 5 mvmnt 1; #3-#6)
    Meistersinger J-L

    HAHA APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!! Obviously Mr. Pokorny is not retiring!

    Gregory E. Lopes
    Euphonium player
    US Navy Band Great Lakes
    US Navy Music Program, 2009-Present

    Besson Prestige 2052

  2. Chicago Symphony Principal Tuba

    Good job, Greg!

  3. Chicago Symphony Principal Tuba

    ye gods and little fishes! My heart skipped several beats just looking at the heading; I had nearly passed out by the time I read the last line!

    Ya got me good and proper!!!



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