Since this is my senoir year in high school and I got back from All-State clinic (whom our clinician was Gary Hill this year for 1st Band) I decided to reflect on some good pand pieces Ive played in my junior high -high career as a musician

Junoir High
9th Grade All-Region
I really dont remember much just Casa Grande by Henry Gass

High School

10th Region
We played Es Spriit de Corps which was an awesome piece I really dont remember anymore from that year

11th Region
I remember olympia hippodrome and thats it.....

11th State (Clinician Michael Haithcock)
Blue Shades Tichelli
March of the Revolutionary Gaurd
Selections from the Danysere
Down Longford Way

12th Region
Pathfinder of Panama
Marche Miilitarie Francasie
Wrong Note Rag
we were also going to do Bach's Fantasia in G Major

12th State (Clinician Gary Hill)
First Suite in Eb
Avenue X
Acrostic Song
Washington Memorial/Foshay Tower March

so what did you guys play in clinics