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Thread: Besson Serial #'s

  1. Besson Serial #'s

    Anyone know what year an 820,xxx is? Thanks

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    Besson Serial #'s

    Here's a used Besson BE765, serial # 852299 for sale that was bought new in 1997.

    Assuming that (a) this horn didn't sit around unsold for very long, and( b) Buffet-Crampon didn't recalibrate the serial # list when they bought and relaunched Besson, extrapolating from various Besson serial number lists, a number in the 820s likely dates to the somewhere between 1993 and 1995.

  3. Besson Serial #'s

    Ooooh, tat is a killer. I might not want to buy that horn then. I'm thinking mid-90's is the bad years? Thanks

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    Besson Serial #'s

    My understanding is that horns from the mid-90s up to 2006 (bankruptcy) aren't particularly well liked.

    It's conventional wisdom that quality control went in the dumpster under TMG's stewardship (such as it was), so there is a distinct possibility of quality control issues with mid-90s horns. (I believe The Music Group assumed ownership of Besson (B&H) in the early '90s.)

    (See here for an interesting take on what went wrong under TMG and why.)

    OTOH, it's also conventional wisdom that Besson did turn out some very good horns during that period, and that if you did get one of them, it was a keeper; hence, the increased emphasis on the rule of thumb to try 10 and keep the best one.

    [edited to add link to critique of TMG]

  5. Besson Serial #'s

    Aaaaah I see. I kind of figured. I knew they had some problems, but couldn't recall when. I'm thinking about a Willson 2900 and am wondering if there are any bad years for them.

  6. Besson Serial #'s

    Just got my hands on a Besson Soverign and can't seem to find out how old it is. Anyone have a way to get the manufactured date for this horn?
    serial number 968GS-822533

  7. Besson Serial #'s

    Probably a 93 or 94. That is my guess. The dumbies over at Buffet only have records up into the mid 80's. I don't think Besson kept track of serial #'s well.

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    Besson Serial #'s

    A few months after the 820,xxx horn above, so 1993-1995.

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    Besson Serial #'s

    Received the following from Steve Mead in response to a query about Buffet vs. pre-Buffet Besson serial numbers:

    I am happy to answer your question regarding the new Besson euphonium serial numbers.

    The very first one of the new production, (which of course I would highly recommend) was: 06300012 produced in November 2006.

    The very latest one I tested last week has the number 07300906.

    The serial numbers are to be found on the mouthpiece receiver and not on the bell.

    The old numbering system was quite different so unless it falls within the above range it is an old model!
    Probably good to know if you're considering at a used horn!

  10. Besson Serial #'s

    I'm guessing that the 06, 07, etc are the years. Wow, took all this time(100 years) to be creative like that.


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