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Thread: Song of The Brother

  1. Song of The Brother

    I am plying this solo with our Cherokee Brass in the Salvation Army its a great solo for euph. Have of you guys ever heard it? I can try to post a link if your curious.

  2. Song of The Brother

    It's a great solo.
    I've played it numerous times with either band or piano accomp. It was one of the earliest euphonium solos published by the Salvation Army
    2006 Besson Sovereign
    2015 Besson Prestige

  3. Song of The Brother

    Thats a link to the file if dosent work let me know.

    Without further delay heres The Song Of Brother by Erik Leidzen

    Heres a recording it with The International Staff Band of the Salvation Army with Derick Kane as the soloist, whom us Salvationist Euphonium players call The King.


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