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  1. Heavy Valve Cap

    I was wondering if there is a possibility to get one of the heavy valve caps from the sterling virtuoso? I believe it fits to my sovereign and my prestige. ydave has one on his sovereign as you can see in the euphonium comparisson post (the pictures with te Miraphone M5000). Does anyone know about the availability?

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    Heavy Valve Cap

    If Besson and Stirling don't use the same thread pitch for their valve caps, the heavy caps won't fit. Have you established that the regular valve caps are interchangeable? (I assume the heavy caps screw on to the valve casing and replace the regular caps rather than fit over/attach to the regular caps.)

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    Heavy Valve Cap

    Paul Rigget at Sterling did one for me as I was looking at his euphs at the time, but you have to have a spare 4th valve bottom cap to base it on first.
    I don't know if Paul has time to do them for other euphs generally or not, you would have to ask him.

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