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Thread: A Step Ahead March

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    A Step Ahead March


    I'm looking for a recording of Harry Alford's A Step Ahead March. I don't know if someone's already posted anything about this march. I just made a very quick scan over all of the forum entries and I could've missed it.

    Thank you very much!


  2. A Step Ahead March

    That's a pretty rare march.

    I'm in Morehead State University's symphonic band. 2nd Chair Euph. We actually played that during our last concert. So yes, I have a recording. One better, I have a video. Hope you enjoy.

    Another note... that recording is probably one of the few recordings of the march period. It's been out of print for probably approaching 60 years. Dr. Earle Louder is a close friend to my symphonic band director and director of bands at my university, and he has one of the few remaining scores.

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    A Step Ahead March

    Cool! Thanks for the info on this march! Great performance too.




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