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Thread: Music For Self-Taught Adult Beginners

  1. Music For Self-Taught Adult Beginners

    There are a lot of us out there. Probably we played another instrument and are just starting with a low brass instrument. We don't need to learn to read music, learn rhythms or any of that other beginner stuff. We can make decent sounds on our new choice of instrument and have even learned a scale or two.

    What do we need? Some more music. I found something here:

    Scales, with fingerings, etudes, and exercises, in PDF format. All available for Trombone, baritone/euph (both clefs) and tuba.

    It's a start, which will be followed by buying other materials, for sure, but it's a start, and it's free.

    Another hint: Google euphonium audition or tuba audition, and you'll find lots of excerpts out there to read, also in PDF format. In a couple of minutes, I had the Holst 1st and 2nd Suite excerpts in both treble and bass clefs, along with several other common audition pieces.

    I'm not suggesting, in any way, that this is enough material, but for the new guy on a budget who just needs something to play to get started, it's one way to go. Once we get started, we'll be buying the rest of the music we need.

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    Music For Self-Taught Adult Beginners

    Here are a few more sources. My site has a euphonium audition page:

    Euphonium Audition Advice

    Also, there is an Amazon Euphonium Excerpt store that has recordings of many of the common excerpts. Most can be bought as individual tracks for less than a buck:

    Euphonium Excerpt Store

    And of course there is the Euphonium Excerpt Book, which has a good selection of excerpts for marches, band transcriptions, original band works, and orchestra:

    Euphonium Excerpt Book

    You could also look at the Cimarron Music site. They have PDF samples of many titles. They are short, but would give you an idea of the types of styles you can expect. Just go to the link below, select "Euphonium Solo" from the drop-down list, and click the Search button:

    Cimarron Music Search Page
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  3. Music For Self-Taught Adult Beginners

    Thanks for the new references. I have a long way to go, but I'm planning on joining a local community band in about 6 months, so there's lots of practicing to do.

  4. Music For Self-Taught Adult Beginners

    Your link didn't work, but I found it here:

    I started playing again after a 30+ year absence. As a teen I played in the Anaheim Kingsmen Drum and Bugle Corps. After the '71 season I got out of the corp and left the baritone behind. Then in late 2005 I picked up a friend's trumpet and got the bug. From Ebay I got a $100 euphonium to see if I could still play (I could! kinda).

    About that time the Kingsmen started up an alumni corps. I got a G bugle (euphonium) and got my lip back by playing our old music. The corps was putting on monthly rehearsals and making demands on our playing ability. The corps grew to 286 members (143 horns) and by August 2007 we were putting on a full field show exhibition at the Drum Corps International Championships being held in the Rose Bowl. What a ride those two years were. Our next show, btw, is Jan 19th at NAMM at the Anaheim Convention Center and then in Disneyland on the 20th.

    I have also joined my church orchestra and got a Yamaha 321 from Ebay (fabulous horn). This was my first exposure to playing with violins and such. It was an eye opener to learn that low brass don't play all the time, unlike drum corps. I joke about that 'Handle guy' who gives low brass eight notes total in his Hallelujah song. But I'm loving it.

    I missed Tuba Christmas this past year but certainly will get involved next Christmas. The performance at Downtown Disney in Anaheim drew 647 low brass. Check your area for a performance at

    My point to this ramble is that I am very happy to be playing again and my only regret was putting away my horn back in '71. I am glad to see adults getting into music. It is also very therapeutic because it is such a departure from my job in law enforcement.


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