I'm just getting started, at age 62, learning the baritone, after years as a woodwind player. To that end, I bought an old baritone on eBay. I have it now, and have it all shined up...something it badly needed. The valves are good, and almost unworn, and all the slides pull fine. It looks like it has had very little use, and that it was originally raw brass, as it is now. I've been able to manage two octaves of lip slurs, plus some scales, and the horn appears to have decent intonation, although my unpracticed chops will need some serious work.

My question is about the maker. The only markings on the baritone is the name New Yorker on the bell, with an art deco looking pattern. No serial number anywhere on the horn.

Searching on Horn-U-Copia.com and comparing the photos in the catalog, it looks almost identical to a York from 1941. There is also a Frank made baritone that looks the same. Both even have the water key in the same position.

I did find a reference to Gretsch selling brasswinds with the New Yorker brand at some point, but that's about all I can find. Might Gretsch have stenciled this thing?

If anyone has any more information about the origins of this instrument, I'd be very grateful. It seems quite a solid instrument and I'm even getting a nice sound out of it at this early stage.