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Thread: My favorite Euph Solos

  1. My favorite Euph Solos

    Alrighty, here's a list of my favorite Euphonium Solos and Recordings... random order....

    Morceau Symphonique ---Guilmant
    Allegro Spiritoso---Baptiste transribed by Falcone
    Sonata in F Minor---Telemann
    Concerto K. 191 for Bassoon ---Mozart
    Legend of the Sleeping Bear --- David Uber
    Concerto for Trombone --Rimsky-korz
    From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific ---Clarke
    Bride of the Waves---Clarke
    A Touch of Tuba --(tuba solo but still a easy but fun piece)--Dedrick

    I know that there are a lot of standards out there but for what it's worth these are awesome and fun...

  2. My favorite Euph Solos

    My favorite Euphonium solos....
    This is tough, there are certainly a lot to choose from...... but I suppose..............

    Fantasia for Euphonium- Gordon Jacob
    Five Pieces in Folk Style, Op. 102- Robert Schumann (don't remember who set it for Euphonium... maybe Paul Droste?)
    Fantasie Originale- Picchi/Mantia
    Concerto for Euphonium- Cosma
    Concerto for Euphonium- Horovitz
    The Last Rose of Summer- Britten
    Vintage- Gillingham
    Arioso and Allegro- Fiocco/Childs/Wilby
    Piece en Form de Habanera- Ravel/transcribed by Falcone
    By Gaslight- Kassati
    Valflickens Dans- Hugo Alfven/ arr. Rydland
    Meditation from "Thais"- Jules Massenet/ Arr. Flaten

    Some of these are classics.... Some of them will eventually be classics.. But if I could compile a CD with recordings of each of these songs, it would be probably the perfect mix of technical showmanship and lyrical beauty.
    Gregory E. Lopes
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  3. My favorite Euph Solos

    I suppose that if I had to pick my favorite solos these would be them (in no particular order):

    Fantasy Variations - Ito
    Euphonium Concerto - Cosma
    Valflickens Dans - Alfven/arr. Ryland
    Vocalise - Rachmaninoff/arr. Mead
    Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms - Mantia/arr. Werden
    Euphonium Concerto - Horovitz
    Sonata for Solo Euphonium - Frackenpohl
    Symphonic Variants - Curnow
    Sicilienne - Paradies/arr. Snell
    Sonata in F Major - Marcello/arr. Mead
    Trombone Concerto (No. 1) - Bourgeois

    Steve L.

  4. My favorite Euph Solos

    Those are wonderful solos My three personal favorites are
    1. Song of the Brother....Leizden
    2. Euphony......Redhead
    3. Carnival of Venice...Clarke

  5. My favorite Euph Solos

    This is a tough one. Here are some of my favorites (to listen to, not to play, I have played very few of these).

    Euphonium Concerto by Vladimir Cosma

    Euphonium Concerto by Jukka Linkola

    In League with Extraordinary Gentlemen (concerto) by Peter Graham

    Pantomime by Philip Sparke

    Fantasy by Philip Sparke

    Bliss by Herman Pallhuber

    Carnival of Venice by Jean Baptiste Arban

    Journey Home by Martin Mikles

    Panache by Robin Dewhurst

    Concierto Iberico by Tim Jansa

    Pearls Suite 1+2 by Roland Szentpali (is there a 3rd? If so, is there a recording)

    Three Sketches for 1998 by Roland Szentpali

    Fantasia di Concerto by Eduardo Boccalari

    Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms

    Concerto for Euphonium, Winds and Percussion by David Gillingham (awesome finale)

    Rhapsody for Euphonium by James Curnow

    Carmen Fantasy by Bizet arr. by Vermotten

    Song by Frode Rydland

    Brillante by Peter Graham

    Majestic Journey by Kevin Kaska

    I am sure I am forgetting a few, but these are pieces I listed randomly. These are my favorite pieces to listen to.

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    Heres three that are on my mind. (no particular order)

    Martin Ellerby Concerto for Euph MVT. 3
    Vintage By: David Gillingham (Fave work that Ive performed)
    James Long
    Besson 2052
    Falcone Finalist
    Oakland University Brass Band

  7. Here are mine:

    Apres un Reve - Faure/Arr. Mead
    Euphonium Concerto -Cosma
    Euphonium Concerto - Sparke
    Concerto in one Movement for Bass Trombone/Tuba - Lebdev

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  9. This was harder than I thought it would be, but here we go:

    Concerto - Jan Bach
    Sonatine for Saxhorn - Jacques Casterede
    Ransomed Host - Ray Steadman-Allen
    The Rose Variations - Robert Russell Bennett
    Gaelic Sonata - Duncan MacMillan

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    Carrickfergus arr. by Stephen Roberts
    American Portrait by Lew Buckley

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