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    I'm 62 years old and am about to take up the euphonium/baritone. I've played tuba in the past, but I just bought an old baritone or euphonium (don't know which yet...hasn't shown up). Offbrand old instrument, a New Yorker. I can't find any info on the horn. I'm sure it's a stencil horn of some kind, but I won't really know until I can examine it. Looks baritonish to me, and from about the 30s or 40s. It is apparently in good playing condition, if ugly.

    Anyhow, I can't ask any intelligent questions until it arrives, but it is coming with a Blessing 7 mouthpiece. Seems like an unusual model, based on my research in this forum, so what might I expect from it? It's rather a small one, at 24.75 mm and medium cup. Will this be suitable for me to get started with, or should I spring for something different, so as not to frustrate me. I have average lip size, and was always able to play a full range on the tuba without much difficulty?

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    Brand new player


    A good starting point on a euph would be a Wick 5AL or 5BL (shallower cup) but it depends what reciever your instrument has. If its a small reciever you'll need a 5BS. Anouther one to consider would be a Bach 5G, but I don't recall if they do a small shank. The average euph mouthpiece (once your 'in lip') is around 26mm inside diameter, eg Wick 4AL Bach 4G.

    If its a Baritone a Wick 6Bs or Bach 6 1/2A would be a better choice. But some preffer a smaller size eg Wick 9BS.

    Its all very personal, a combination of what suits you, your instrument, how developed your chops are & your sound prefferences.

    Good luck
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  3. Brand new player

    Thanks for the help. Like everything else, I suppose I'll have to try some different pieces before I find what I like and what works for this old guy's chops.


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