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Thread: Best Resources for T/E Quartet music

  1. Best Resources for T/E Quartet music

    Hi guys,
    I've recently formed a Tuba and Euphonium quartet with a few of my friends from school. However, there is one problem. Our setup is ETTT... a bit different from the standard EETT quartet setup. Unfortunately there weren't any other Euphonium players at my school who were interested in joining a quartet.. but oh well.. their loss.
    Anyway... Since the standard setup is EETT, I am having a difficult time finding music for ETTT on the various sheet music websites (Hickeys, Brassworks, etc...). If anyone knows of any good places to obtain music for a ETTT setup, please let me know.
    Oh... I had the idea that I could possibly purchase standard EETT music, and then have one of the Tuba players play the second Euph. part down the octave. I'm not sure if that would really work well though. Please feel free to let me know of any suggestions or thoughts that you might have on the subject. Thanks.
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  2. Best Resources for T/E Quartet music

    The West Point Tuba Quartet USED to be ETTT, and they just used fairly normal EETT quartets. 2nd Euph parts were played on a little Yamaha F tuba at written pitch. They would look for pieces that didn't go so high in the 2nd euph. I'm drawing a blank on remembering the F tuba player's name, but he had a totally sick high register. He'd make a lot of euphers jealous, and he also sounded great on low stuff with the big CC.

    Nowadays, they are set up as EETT, but you might contact Gerald Cates or Barry Morrison (the 2 oldtimers) to see if they have any recommendations.

  3. Best Resources for T/E Quartet music

    I think that the idea of getting the second player to play the Euphonium part down the octave could work on some pieces, but I would be very careful about voicing and thickening up the texture too much.
    I often have to play euphonium parts ( admittedly on an F tuba) and it does wonders for my upper register. I only shift the octave when I am a)either chop dead or b) absolutely certain it won't interfere with the third part (1st tuba) or murk up the tessitura too much.
    Lots of charts are within reasonable range for a good tubist on a smallish horn, too. I am flat chat until mid to late October, but after that I will have a look through my fairly comprehensive collection, and see if there's anything I can recommend, if you'd like. I need to do a 'stocktake' anyway.

    Suggested short-term strategy would be to give your bravest and best-at-high-notes tuba player a small tuba mouthpiece ( say a Wick 5), and for the group to bring all dynamics up a couple of notches to help the tubist get up there! If it's too soft s/he will end up squeezing to get the high notes and that ain't good.

    Medium-term strategy would be to get the tubist to play Eb or F tuba - makes high stuff a lot easier!


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    Best Resources for T/E Quartet music

    Many of my tuba quartet arrangements are scored with the euph 2 definitely accessible for Eb or F tuba. Take a look around if you like:


    Ken F.

  5. Best Resources for T/E Quartet music

    I can recommend knuxie's charts. They don't kill tuba players!

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    Best Resources for T/E Quartet music

    Originally posted by: suetuba

    I can recommend knuxie's charts. They don't kill tuba players!

    Not only that, but they sound good!
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    Best Resources for T/E Quartet music

    Thank you, all.



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