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    Carol Jantsch

    Does anyone know where to listen to Ccarol Jantsch? I hear she is really awesome and I want to listen to her play. I would really want to hear her play Flight of the Bumble Bee.

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    Carol Jantsch

    Try the NPR article that ran a while back featuring tubas. There is recording of her there.

    Tubas on NPR
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  3. Carol Jantsch

    That is a wonderful article with some great sound clips. I really enjoyed reading about some of the histories of the different brass instruments, and must admit that I was not well informed on the history of the trumpet.... although, Miles Hoffman does mis-inform the audience by saying that the Tuba (developed in the 1830's) is the youngest brass instrument. When of course, the Euphonium was developed by Ferdinand Sommer of Weimar in 1843, or arguably Adolph Sax in the same year. The compensating wasn't even around until 1874. But, I am certainly not intending to discredit the article. Any publicity for either the Tuba or Euphonium is a good thing.
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  4. Carol Jantsch

    Thanks for the link. I got to hear her play when the orchestra came to Eugene for one night. Nice to hear the clips, along with some of the story.


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