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  1. Bass Trumpet

    Ok I dont know anything about bass trumpets but I want to learn to double because I want to be a big time Orchestral player on Tenor Tuba and Bass Trumpet. so I was looking to buy my own Bass Trumpet since I own a Euphonium all ready.

    does anyone know anything about this brand?

  2. Bass Trumpet

    First, you may need to readjust your goal. There is not one orchestra that I can think of that has a staff position for a bass trumpet/ tenor tuba doubler. There are only 12 pieces in the entire orchestral repertoire that call for bass trumpet. There are, perhaps only 6 pieces that call for tenor tuba. (This is iffy, since there are some pieces that call for tuba that are very high, and would work well on euphonium.) In just about every case, an orchestra will have one of their trombonists double on those instruments as needed, so, if your goal is to be an orchestral player, play the trombone, and keep up your doubles.

    That instrument, being one of those really cheap Chinese horns, which was a copy of a cheap Czech horn, has all the potential of being a real dog. I know someone who bought one from a different dealer, who had it serviced by Robb Stewart before he would let it out of his shop. That particular horn happens to play OK, not great. Definitely not as good as an Alexander or Thein.


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