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Thread: Florentiner March

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    Florentiner March

    This march by Julius Fucik (arr. Mahew Lake) is a great march. We just got this one in our folders about 2 weeks ago. It's a 2-page march with a great euphonium counter melody.

    I found this link of Grimethorpe Colliery B.B. playing the brass band arrangment as part of the Movie, "Brassed Off".

    Florentiner March (Brassed Off)
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  2. Florentiner March

    I did cymbals for that in University.

    The other euph player thought it was quite good.

    The cymbal part totally pwned!

  3. Florentiner March

    We played it a few years ago, great march.

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    Florentiner March

    I played a few times both in university in the concert band and with a brass band. Its always a treat to play it. The one time, I was given the bassoon part to play which was fun to play.

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    Florentiner March

    Originally posted by: blueeuph
    The one time, I was given the bassoon part to play which was fun to play.
    For a brief time the Coast Guard Band was without any bassoons while we were waiting to complete the enlistment process for the new players. During that time I got to cover some pretty cool parts. I just read the entire bassoon part if it seemed to be important. It was fun to play familiar music but see different notes.
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    Florentiner March

    My high school band director was/is a big fan of European-style marches. We did this one once, it was a blast. The trombonists next to me were big fans too.


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