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Thread: A Question from a Returning Musician

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    A Question from a Returning Musician

    20 yrs on on the force on Christmas night, congratulations!

    My hat's off to all of the police and firefighters out there. You all do a great service for the public.

    Keep making beautiful music too.

    Rick Floyd
    Miraphone 5050 - Warburton Brandon Jones sig mpc
    YEP-641S (on long-term loan to grandson)
    Doug Elliott - 102 rim; I-cup; I-9 shank

    "Always play with a good tone, never louder than lovely, never softer than supported." - author unknown.
    Symphonic Band of the Palm Beaches
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  2. A Question from a Returning Musician

    The high range isn't easy for me, either. I'm just starting on the fact, I'm just starting on brass instruments altogether. My prior experience was on reeds.

    But I'm getting it, slowly but surely. What has been working for me is a little warmup, playing all of the scales (still using fingering notes on some), nice and slow. After that, I work on lip slurs, starting from the bottom and cycling up for a full two octaves. I'm not hurrying at all and am trying hard to center each note in tune. When I started, I could not hit the high Bb at all, but now it's getting more and more secure, and that's only after a couple of weeks.

    Once I nail the higher notes, I hold them for at least four beats and try to vary the dynamics as far as possible.

    Then, I take a break for a few minutes and then start playing from music. Finally, I repeat some lip slurs, reaching for the high range, at the end of my session.

    Yesterday, I actually played the high Bb without working up to it a couple of times. I'm getting there.

    Now, can anyone tell me some fingerings to try above that note? I'd like to start adding another third or fifth above it, eventually, but can't find any fingerings.

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    A Question from a Returning Musician

    Originally posted by: CATransplant
    Now, can anyone tell me some fingerings to try above that note [high Bb]? I'd like to start adding another third or fifth above it, eventually, but can't find any fingerings.
    Which Bb are you talking about? If you are in bass clef, there is a Bb just on top of the staff. Are you talking about the one an octave above that?

    If so, here is what I use:

    Bb - 0
    B - 2
    C - 0
    C# - 2
    D - 12 (or open)
    Eb - 1
    E - 2
    F - 0
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
    YouTube: dwerden
    Facebook: davewerden
    Twitter: davewerden
    Instagram: davewerdeneuphonium

  4. A Question from a Returning Musician

    Yes, I'm talking about the one 4 ledger lines above the bass clef staff. So, thanks for the fingerings above that. I don't know what I'll do with them, assuming I can make them work, but I'll see if I can manage them once I get more secure in the ones I'm already working on.

    Many thanks. I wasn't ready for the Tuba Christmas this year in St. Paul. Next year, though, I will certainly be there.

  5. A Question from a Returning Musician

    Regarding mouthpieces: One piece of advice I got from a from drum corps icon, Ken Norman, is "don't try to fix a software problem with hardware". Get those chops in shape, kinda like pumping iron in the gym. When I got my Schilke 51D it about killed my lips but I kept after it and got it tamed. Bach's advice is to get the widest, deepest mp you can handle. So far, it's worked for me but I had to really work at it.

    P.S. congrats on hitting 20 Bearphonium. Now the department is on probation, lol. (I'll have 28 years July 2008; 566 days till retirement, yipee!)

  6. A Question from a Returning Musician

    More updates...what fun there is.

    I got a Shilke 52D mouthpiece for my euph--a tremendous difference in tone, and ease of playing. The bad news was that the intonation issues are instrument related (but what do you expect from a ISO?). The good news, related to that, is that I was able to buy a Conn 191 4 valve non-comp off of e-bay. That horn should get here Friday. It was a tough toss up between that horn, THREE Yamaha 321's that were on at the same time, and a TE non-comp. (Two of the 321's went for 1700+, but one went for 960ish. I got the Conn for 843.39. The TE laquer is 950). I have a three day return option on the Conn, so if it is either really bad or I don't like it, I will return it and go the TE route.

    That said, I am still playing the tuba as my primary instrument, and loving it. I am learining some bass line inprovisation, and having great fun wandering around the house, playing bass lines on the sousaphone. I will be looking for a four valve, 3/4 size BBb in the future. Both Mirafone and Cerveny make a tuba that is very tempting. Maybe when I graduate from New Horizons into a community band!

    And yesterday I hit the 2.5 years date for my retirement, with 22.5 years with the department. DryHeat, it is about 945 days for me (since I have to retire on the 1st of the month following my eligibility), and the department goes on probation when I turn 50 next month, and own my own pink slip!

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