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Thread: Telemann's Sonata in f min

  1. Telemann's Sonata in f min

    Alright, so for solo and ensemble, I'm playing half of Telemann's Sonata in f minor (the andante cantablie and the vivace to be exact) and I am using the International edition, edited by Simon Kovar. After listening to Mark Fisher's wonderful recording of it on his Eufish cd, I really don't like this transcription I have.
    Long story short, I'd love to play the allegro movement for state s&e. In my version, the sixteenth-note runs are slur-two tongue-two, but in Fisher's recording, it sounds like he slurs four. Which is best?

    Also, does anyone know if there is an orchestral accompaniment to this piece published?

    Thank you!

  2. Telemann's Sonata in f min

    i have that version of the sonata too. im not sure but i think its easier doing it his way. but i think the judges will be looking for whats on the page

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    Telemann's Sonata in f min

    I played a few versions of this in college and learned that the piece is wide open for interpretations such as this. However, I agree with Euphist in that the judges are going to be expecting what they see in the part in front of them.

    As for as an orchestral version, I have heard that there is, but the version I may have been hearing about could have been one in the school library and not currently in publication.

  4. Telemann's Sonata in f min

    im going to be playing the same peice for my solo and ensemble, but i need to know what grade it is so i know if i have to get a recording or not. anyone know?

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    Telemann's Sonata in f min

    If I remember my college's brass repertoire book correctly, it was a grade 4.

  6. Telemann's Sonata in f min

    I have the Ostrander eidtion because that is the only one accepted on our state list. Its edits are no where compared to Mr. Fisher's either. IF you want the unedited version you might want to check forrests Music for Double Reeds and try and see which edition they have. here Ill supply a link:

    they have some good bassoon stuff to mess around with on Euphonium.


  7. Telemann's Sonata in f min

    I'm pretty sure the two slur- two tongue version is the most accurate. To be honest, no modern version of the sonata would be very accurate since the piece was probably originally composed for cello, and the styles of articulation would have been very different from the way that we play today. If I were you, I would pick a style of articulation that works best with your playing, or that brings the most excitement and diversity to the piece as possible.
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