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Thread: Mid-East Jazz Fusion with Euph & Tuba

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    Mid-East Jazz Fusion with Euph & Tuba

    Here's a nice You Tube video of a jazz fusion group playing in a middle Eastern style. About 1 1/2 minutes in there is a euph solo with some impressive high playing to a tuba ostinato.


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    Mid-East Jazz Fusion with Euph & Tuba

    Dave Bargeron!

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    What kind of euph is Bargeron playing?

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    When I knew him in NYC in the early 70s, he had a Besson Imperial.

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    It looks like he is playing the same horn as the instrument in the video is most certainly an Imperial.


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    Wow! Bring back my old threads!


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    I took a listen at my office during lunch. I remember seeing him live with BS&T New Year's Eve 1972, playing solos on tuba and trombone. His range is impressive - what are those top notes he's hitting? Anyone with better ears than mine know?
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