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Thread: Euphonium Solo

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    Euphonium Solo

    Hello all! Just a bit excited. I just got this euphonium solo today and was curious if any one else here may have performed it before. It is Concerto in B Flat by Mozart, but arranged by Fote. I've also been searching for a place where i might be able to listen to it, but haven't had any luck. Anyone out there that could possibly help me?

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    Euphonium Solo

    I've played it before. I believe the full title is Bassoon Concerto in Bb K 191. It's a really nice piece. I believe that Steve Mead may have a recording of it on i-tunes.

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    Euphonium Solo


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    Euphonium Solo

    ... but you should also make sure to listen to a recording of a bassoon player performing it. If you watch your public radio program guide you might luck out, or you might find a bassoon recording at the library. In any case, hearing a bassoon player will give you a better idea of the original flavor.
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