View Poll Results: What Instrument (not including the Recorder) did you start your musical career with?

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  • Trumpet or a variation (Including Cornet)

    73 32.02%
  • French Horn/ Mellophone

    6 2.63%
  • Trombone (including Bass, and Tenor ones)

    25 10.96%
  • Baritone/Euphonium

    72 31.58%
  • Sousaphone/Tuba

    7 3.07%
  • Anyother Brass instrument

    2 0.88%
  • Flute or a variation (Including Piccolo)

    7 3.07%
  • Oboe or a variation (including Bassoon)

    0 0%
  • Clarinet or a variation (including basset horn)

    12 5.26%
  • Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone (Bari) Saxophones

    6 2.63%
  • Anyother Woodwind instruments

    0 0%
  • Percussion instruments

    4 1.75%
  • String Instruments (including guitar and the orchestral strings)

    14 6.14%
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Thread: What instrument did you start your musical career on?

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    What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    Percussion here.

    I started playing the piano in second grade, followed by violin (third grade). Finally got around to the baritone/euph in fourth grade.

    Oddly - and perhaps uniquely - the very first horn I was given to play (school instrument) was an old, beat up double-bell euph that was missing the small bell. The school district owned four baris/euphsl, and all of them were being used by older students, so the HS band director dug this one up somewhere for me to use until a new one arrived. Unfortunately for me, when the new horn arrived, they gave it to the oldest student, and everyone passed theirs down the line, so I ended up with an ancient, beat up Olds with a creased leadpipe that I played for two years, when a new third grader signed up to learn the euph and I moved up to a 3-valve, bell front King, which I played until my sr year in HS, when, as section leader, I played a silver King 2268, which is why I ended up choosing a King 2268 as a graduation present rather than a 2280 (if only I had known!) or a Yamaha.

    Other instruments: in addition to piano and violin, I played bass trombone in the HS swing (a la Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey, et al.) and jazz bands, and have played tenor trombone occasionally in church ensembles over the years, and mess around on the 12-string guitar.

  2. What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    I started on trumpet at the beginning of marching season, right before 10th grade. I hated it with a passion that consumed my soul! And I still hate it. Regardless, during one practice, my band director noticed I could move air.. His exact words were, "OMIGOD! FOURTH TRUMPET!!! TOOOOOOOO LOOOOUUUUUUUD!!! See me after practice. Don't worry, you're not in trouble." Since then, I played euph in band, although I finished the season on trumpet. Believe it or not, I think I was allergic to the euph I played first, and old miraphone model, I have no idea what the specs are. After playing it, my hand would have a greenish tinge and smell bad, but he had it cleaned before he let me loan it out. Thankfully, I got to trade with the other euph player, yep-123. Not much to brag though, I'm just in 11th grade now though, but I did make it in the second ensemble at my school, audition only, and I almost made all-district near the end of my 10th grade ( I only tried out because my director made me, but I did a lot better than I thought I did. I forgot my score, but I do remember that it was close)
    Other than that, I currently own an old, decrepitly old, bundy tenor sax, made back when they used to actually make worthwhile things, a student line, bundy, trumpet (sounds like absolute crap), an old clarinet, and I am hoping to get a trombone soon, all of which were gifts from others. I need to get them looked at though. I seem to attract old, unwanted instruments, but it's okey, I personally think the older, the better it sounds. Playing-wise, I play the euph in band (obviously), trombone in our jazz, and can play trumpet, french horn, tuba, sax, a little clarinet (just enough to make me dangerous!) and a little flute (just the Bb scale). Is it a safe assumption that if you know how to play one valved brass instrument, you know how to play them all? Except french horn, horn depends so heavily on which notes are easier to play in tune (double sided).

    Random Tangent: Has anyone heard of the double contrabass flute (for an image: or the piccolo/pocket tuba or the subcontrabass tuba? (both images are here: If so, isn't it kinda pointless to make those? I mean, for example, you could hide a whole person in the bell of the subcontrabass tuba, but other than that, it seems unplayable because of the amount of air it would require just to play a note.

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    What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    I started out playing music for real on the euph, in 6th grade. (Prior to that I had numerous bad experiences involving recorders and one ill-fated attempt to teach me ukekele.) I played a school-rental 3-valve Yammie for about two and a half years, until getting a very beat-up old King (4-valve, bell front--I believe a 2266, but not sure about that), which I have been on for the last five years. (looking to upgrade soon to a newer horn and probably switch to large shank.)

    In 7th grade I took up slide trombone, for a few reasons: one, it was better for jazz band, and two, our 8th grade band needed another trombonist to supplement the one (not-too-committed) player they had, for a competition. I learned the positions in about a day and slide bone has been my secondary instrument ever since.

    In 10th grade I learned that our band director had a valve bone hiding in a back room somewhere and got him to give it to me. So I played that in jazz band for a year. In the end I was frustrated by the thin sound of the horn and by my inability to play jazz effects on it (i.e. glisses, scoops, etc.). So I gave that up and went back to slide.

    Now that I've graduated, I probably won't be playing bone at all for a while, but I am keeping up with the euph playing. I also have a secret ambition to be a drum set player, so I started comandeering our high school drum set frequently over the last few weeks of high school to teach myself some riddims. Too bad I probably won't be able to keep that up in college, but we'll see.

  4. What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    i started on trumpet, then two years later, i switched to a euphonium because we did not have one. since then, i have learned piano and am now the pianist at my church, i teach piano, i also teach voice, i play guitar, and now i have been playing euph for four years i played in honors band, i got one's in solo and ensemble in district and state. and now i am the low brass section. i am sophmore in high school in onaway michigan.

  5. What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    I played Trumpet for 1 1/2 years, 5th to halfway through 6th grade. Then I switched to French Horn. French Horn was the instrument that I always wanted to play. After 6th grade, I moved to a very small rural school with a limited band program. I played F-horn for another year after that until I was in the 8th grade. The only low brass player (not including trombones) was graduating, and being as I was one of the best players, if not the best player, and she wanted a strong base to the band, she moved be to a bell front baritone. That's pretty much where I am now. I moved to a 4-Valve Yamaha Euph my Freshman year, and have played it since. It looks like this coming year I will playing a marching baritone.

  6. What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    I borrowed a clarinet from my aunt in 4th grade. Tried to teach that to myself for a week or two, but soon gave up. 6th grade I join choir, and in 7th I was in both choir and band (on the tuba). 9th grade rolled around, my band director mentioned needing a trombone player, so I put myself up to the challenge. By the end of the year I was alright. last year, my sophmore year, I switched to bass trombone and got even better, joined a community/junior college band on bass trombone (but I'm going to see if I can play tuba this season). I'm planning on joining the community/junior college jazz band this year on Bass trombone (they need one =P).

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    What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    All my musical life I have playe the euphonium!
    I began with a Rott of Czechoslovakia and for 12 years that I have my Yamaha 642. 5 or 6 years after studies I began to play the trombone
    Jorge Estruch: Euphonium, trombone & tuba teacher/Euphonium player

    Euph: Besson Prestige 2052-2
    Mpc: ​Denis Wick 4AL

    Twitter: @jorgeuphonium
    Instagram: @jorge_estruch

  8. What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    3rd Grade: Violin

    6th Grade: Trumpet

    8th Grade: Tuba

    3rd Year of College: Bass Guitar

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    What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    I started with the French Horn in 4th grade. I really didn't like the "peck horn," as my instructor called it. By the time I was in Jr. High I had bought a trumpet and a tenor sax and played those at home. Rarely did I practice the French Horn. In 10th grade, because of scheduling problems in school, I had to quit either band or choir. I chose to stay in choir because I was in the all-state choir. I majored in music theory and composition in college, so I had a short overview of all the instruments. We all learned to play a scale - sorta. That was 37 yrs. ago and I didn't play an instrument until this year. I decided a year ago I wanted to learn an instrument, so I bought an old Getzen Super Deluxe trumpet. I enjoyed playing, but got introduced to the Euphonium through participation in Tuba Christmas this year. Since then, I bought an old Olds American style baritone to learn and have plans for a King 2280 as soon as I can afford it. The trumpet - it hasn't seen the light of day since Christmas.


  10. What instrument did you start your musical career on?

    My dad paid his way through college playing trombone, and I followed in his footsteps... I started playing his Besson trombone in 4th grade. Played a Reynolds in high school, then essentially put my horn in the closet for 20 (+) years with Army and family commitments. Started playing regularly again in 2005 with a local wind ensemble (on a King 3b), and due to an imbalance in the low brass I "volunteered" to switch to euphonium. I've really enjoyed the challenge of learning a new instrument, and I've gotten serious enough about the transition to consider picking up a compensating euph of my own (I've borrowed a Yamaha 321 from the local high school for the past year). I'm currently looking at a nice Willson, and I cannot wait to transition from a student-level horn to one that will give me all sorts of room to grow my musicianship and playing skills. I will always be a trombone player at heart, but I truly love the role I currently fill in our group...(euphonium parts are just plain "cool"...!!!) I have been on this forum for awhile, and I really appreciate the wealth of information that is shared here. Keep up the great work!!!!

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