For about the past 18 months, I have been the music director at my church for both the Catholic and Protestant services. I am also the organist and the pianist. During a special 9/11 service last semptember I had the oppurtunity to finally play my euphonium for the service, selecting a memorial song dedicated the the 9/11 victims and also "Amazing Grace" (which is quite possibly the most overplayed chuch song in the history of known religion). THe first piece went though great during a prayer session and I could tell that people were impressed. Amazing Grace, however, could not have gone worse. Every choir has one of those guys who think they can sing but have no since of pitch. This man (over 50 years easily), decides to sing along to my amazing grace SOLO. So there I am playing my euph and my Amazing Grace has a piano accompaniment but I haven't yet figured out how to play the piano and my euphonium at the same time yet so it was just me and I did a little improve and changed keys and this guy decided to improv himself and he started to sing over me. It was quite possibly the most disturbing and frusterating experience of my musical career and you can't exactly shout at someone in church (you can only "shout to the lord" hahaha....)