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  1. Alte Kamaraden

    Alte Kamaraden - Carl Teike

    This is my favorite march for great Euph countermelodies and gutsy low brass strains. Just makes you want to run right out and enlist! In the first strain the melody has it all the first time, but at the repeat everything takes a back seat to the beautiful soaring countermelody. The enitre low bgrass section gets in the act in the second strain. The German version (or is it Austrian?) in the keys of Db-Gb, has the low brass play the melody in three octaves (1st trombone, 2-3 tbn and euph, tubas) - quite invigorating. The trio has two strains and another good euph countermelody. The Carl Fischer edition is in Eb-Ab, and has the low brass in 2 octaves in the second strain and edits out part of the music. Get to know the original edition to truly appreciate this gem.

  2. Alte Kamaraden

    I'm with you Bill, but I got some more favorites near the top with Old Comrades. will post as another topic

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    Alte Kamaraden

    Check out the "Downloads for Members Only" section - I have just uploaded the sheet music for this march (the German version).
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    Alte Kamaraden

    We just got this march (Alte Kameraden) in our folder 2 weeks ago. Great march! I have to admit, I've never played this one before. It has a great euphonium counter melody in the 2nd strain and trio. This may become one of my new favorite marches. The arrangement we're doing at our next concert is by Seigfried Rundel (concert Db - Gb).
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  5. Alte Kamaraden

    If you've never done it before, just get yourself booked on some Oktoberfest gigs. I guarantee you'll be sick of it by November...

  6. Alte Kamaraden is one of my faves as well.....have played it during my stint with the army band and EVERY gig during Winnipeg's Folklarama in the 90s'. I also played in a Veteran's Band in Winnipeg when we were posted there and the bandmaster who was a retired chief warrant officer would always pull it out for me. I love the counter melodies.....and the original German version is the BEST! Another gooder is the original verion of J Wagner's Under the Double Eagle and the Woodchopper's March (can't think of the German name for it right now). I played both of those on flugel and euph. The German versions had great parts for both!

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    I spent 15 years in Germany playing this march. Always played the Tenorhorn I part (which is the fave for most who commented here). This march is still a head chart....
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  8. Dave Werden: I know your reply on this thread is several years old, but the information you mentioned might still be around.

    The Comal Community Band plays Alte Kameraden every year at Oktoberfest and Wurstfest. The only part in the band's library is for euphonium, so I need a tenor horn part. Is that on your download? Is "Download for members only" still on this site?

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    Yes, the topic is still listed in the main menu. And a quick search for Kameraden found it:
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams E3, Denis Wick 4AL (classic)
    Instructor of Euphonium and Tuba
    Twitter: davewerden
    Facebook: davewerden
    YouTube: dwerden
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  10. Wow, thank you! The version we've been playing was edited by Charles Wiley, but I compared my treble clef baritone and the bass clef baritone parts and didn't find any differences.


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