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    Pentagon March

    I just noticed this topic and am a bit surprised nobody posted anything here.

    One of my favourite marches is Pentagon March, written by Wally Ost, a good friend of mine in Minot, ND. Its scored for Brass Band though I imagine Wally would if he hasn't by now, arranged it for concert band as well. What's unusual about Pentagon March is its time signature as its in 5/4 time. If you don't think about the time signature too much, the march plays like another march. All the parts have its moments with the melodies and counter melodies. I played this march a number of times with the Brass Band of Minot and also the International Music Camp for the NABBA Brass Band Session. Dr. Paul Droste who was the conductor for the Brass Band Session said Pentagon March is the most difficult march to direct.

  2. Pentagon March

    Alte Kamaraden - Carl Teike

    This is my favorite march for great Euph countermelodies and gutsy low brass strains. Just makes you want to run right out and enlist! In the first strain the meldy has it all the first time, but at the repeat everything takes a back seat to the beautiful soaring countermelody. The enitre low bgrass section gets in the act in the second strain. The German version (or is it Austrian?) in the keys of Db-Gb, has the low brass play the meldoy in three octaves (1st trombone, 2-3 tbn and euph, tubas) - quite invigorating. The trio has two strains and another good euph countermelody. The Carl Fischer edition is in Eb-Ab, and has the low brass in 2 octaves in the second strain and edits out part of the music. Get to know the original edition to truley appreciate this gem.


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