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Thread: Silent Brass

  1. Silent Brass

    I dont depend on mine too much. I prefer the denis wicks. I have a silent brass. But the pratice mute works lot better. Plus if accedntally drop a denis wick you get a few dings. If you accidentally drop your silent brass... need I say more? This happened to My Private Lessons teacher.

  2. Silent Brass

    Sooo.... don't drop it? I mean... it's got a handle and everything.

  3. Silent Brass

    Yeah, but you can never be too careful

  4. Silent Brass

    Do they have a silent brass system for tubas? I've always wanted to try one... I'm always afraid of disturbing my parents or neighbors while practicing...especially my volume or high range expansion when I sound absolutely horrible... I wish there was a way I could practice and no one else could hear me...until I get better. Then I'll show off my amazing tuba skills.........

  5. Silent Brass

    Try a Denis Wick Tuba Practice Mute.
    As well as being a good practice mute, they also have astonishing benefits in opening the throat: the idea is to play for a few minutes at ff with the practice mute in; upon removing the mute, you will have a glorious open sound.

  6. Silent Brass

    I haven't had much experience with mutes, how good are the denis wick euphonium practice mutes?

  7. Silent Brass

    ok this is going to sound like a really stupid question but here goes. How silent is the silent brass? I mean really, honestly. Okay seriously i ask because i was just accepted to a college in Iowa (I live in New Hampshire) and im going to be living in an apartment for two years and i really, really, really want to bring my horn but I am thinking this may cause serious problems with neighbors, so i was thinking the silent brass may be a good investement but if im going to put that kind of money into an accessory for my horn i really want to make sure it works as well as the name might claim because i hate to waste the money if i still wont be able to play my horn for two years. Can't wait to hear. Thanks all.


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    Silent Brass


    The nice thing about most colleges is that they respect people trying to learn. If the Silent Brass is the thing that makes your practice workable, go for it. I would hate for you to have to carry your horn a long distance, but there ought to be a locker and a practice room available to you at the college's music complex. You should be able to check this out before you arrive.

    However it works out, you will need to de-stress from time to time, so I hope you do get to take your horn and practice.

    Best Regards,

  9. Silent Brass

    you might also want to consider the Denis Wick practice mute; it's very effective, and also has benefits in opening the throat.

  10. Silent Brass

    When I was in Collage (Michigan State University) we had lockers to keep our Euphoniums in and tons of practice rooms. I was allowed the use of them even though in secret, I was an engineering student.

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