Emeritus Recordings is planning the fall 2006 release of a CD showcasing new music for tuba and euphonium ensembles. Performers and composers who would like to be considered for inclusion on this CD should submit their digital recording along with a brief biography of both composer and performers by July 1, 2006. We are looking for high quality performances of original compositions for tuba ensemble, euphonium ensemble, or tuba/euphonium ensemble. The types of compositions we are seeking are modern works that are based in tonality and have a strong melodic sense.

Emeritus Recordings is dedicated to investing its resources in promoting the music of talented composers and performers for the purpose of giving them greater exposure in a limited commercial market. We will incur all costs of production, promotion and distribution of the CD. Since our goal is exposure rather than profit, we are unable to pay royalties to either the performers or the composer. However, Emeritus Recordings will provide both the ensemble and composer with six complimentary CDs and additional CDs will be available for purchase at our cost. The selected recordings will be included along with compositions by Sy Brandon that have been recorded by the Euphouria Quartet, the University of Arkansas Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble, and the International Euphonium Institute Crimson Ensemble.

Emeritus Recordings is a subsidiary of Co-op Press. We have distribution arrangements with retailers of instrument-specific CDs and use http://www.theorchard.com for distribution to general retail and digital music stores. We mail complimentary copies of our CDs to classical radio stations throughout the United States and submit our CDs for review in professional journals. Send materials to Emeritus Recordings, P.O. Box 204, Wrightsville PA 17368-0204. More information about Emeritus Recordings can be found at http://cooppress.hostrack.net/emeritus.html or e-mail cooppress@suscom.net.