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Thread: Recorders and Microphones

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    Recorders and Microphones

    Originally posted by: Nuck81

    So I've been doing some recordings (duets with myself, solo's, guitar etc..) in the program Garageband with my Macbook.* The only problem is that no matter what I do and how low I set the input level the built in Mic distorts like crazy.
    Are you adjusting the input level in the Sound Pref Pane or in Garageband? If you're adjusting it in Garageband, you need to adjust it in the Sound Pref Pane as well. The default setting is for speech with the speaker at a distance of ~28" from the screen, so the sound pressure will be way too high if you don't adjust the input level before attempting to record a wind instrument.

    Also, instead of recording direct to Garageband, record in QuickTime Player and import the track into GarageBand. QT offers more precise control of gain than Garageband.

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    Recorders and Microphones

    I had both on 2%, was across the living room and still getting distortion on high concert G, A, and Bb. The only thing that stopped it was muting the euph with my towel down the bell, but we all know that is not ideal.

    I'll try using quicktime though, that hadn't occured to me.

    Edit: Found a Samson Go Mic, for $36 on Amazon. It even has a clip to go on the end of the bell.

    Samson Go Mic

  3. Recorders and Microphones

    Euphonium is notoriously difficult to record with in a confined setting since it has SOO many overtones. Euphonium will often overdrive the microphones (regardless of gain setting). I had this problem with my Zoom H2. I found that when I record in a large room where I can move the recorder a good distance away from the horn and also get a longer distance for sound to reflect rather than a direct line from the bell, it works better. I also have a couple of old battery powered TEAC mic's that I used to use with a good cassette recorder many years ago. These work quite well.

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    Recorders and Microphones

    The Go Mic works outstanding. It is exactly what I was after. I haven't tried recording in tracks yet, so I don't know how much of an input delay there is, but the recorded sound is really good for $30 USB mic.

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    Recorders and Microphones

    So now that Lost is over I've been playing around with the new mic. There is no delay at all really and I was able to lay down tracks pretty easy in garage band.

    I made a quick video using one of the Duets out of the Carl Fischer Book. If you need a small mic for playing around like I do, this thing is outstanding...

    Fanfare Minuet

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    Recorders and Microphones

    I'm thinking about buying a recorder. I've read the comments in this forum about the Edirol R-09, Zoom H4N, and Zoom H2. I also have a friend who has the H4N and speaks very highly of it, but says that the user interface is complicated and the manual hard to follow. I am an amateur musician, and am just looking for a tool to produce a high quality recording of my playing for my scrutiny. Seems to me that the H2 is the best choice, especially considering it is half the cost of the other two. Looking for opinions from those of you who have experience with these recorders.

    Also, what options/accessories should I purchase to round out the package?

    Thanks much.


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    Recorders and Microphones

    Originally posted by: JP Also, what options/accessories should I purchase to round out the package?
    Easy: a good external stereo mic. One choice is shown above. Another is described in this post. This is important for a couple reasons. First, you will be getting a better microphone, which will make any of the recorders you mention sound better. Second, you have more options for placement. That, too, will make the recordings sound better.

    Along with the mic, you might want to get a decent portable stand for it. Some have fold-up bases (usually tripod). Another option is to get a desktop mic stand, which can be placed on top of a music stand. That option doesn't get the mic as high as might be preferred but it works pretty well anyway and it makes your equipment very easy to tote around.

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    Recorders and Microphones

    Oo Oo Oo - I forgot one very important item. If your recorder uses AA batteries, buy Eneloop rechanrgables and a portable charger. You can easily pack the set in a suitcase if you are on the road (as I have done a few times). And these batteries are great - no memory effect, and they hold a charge for a year or so. Both mics I suggest run on AA, and many of the small recorders do. These will make your life simpler!

    Sanyo Eneloop 4 Pack AA NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargable Batteries w/ Charger

    These little guys are one of only a few products that I recommend with absolutely no reservation or qualification! I use them in recorders, flashlights, microphones, digital camera, and my old Walkman tape player. My church has also started using them for the battery-hungry wireless mics.

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    Twitter: davewerden
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    Recorders and Microphones

    Thanks Dave! Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison of the H2 and H4N or Edirol R-09?


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    Recorders and Microphones

    This thread is a bit dated, so I wonder if there are any better solutions out there today. My comm band asked me to look into finding a better way to record our concerts. Any recordings we make are not for sale but are used by fellow band members. What we use now to record our concerts is a Tascam DR-2D recorder. We don't use external mics, just the built-in mics on the unit itself. We don't hear much of the low voices near the back of the band - but do hear a lot of flutes and clarinets . We mount the unit high (up about 8') behind our conductor near the edge of the stage on the tripod. It has a wireless remote so someone can pause it during breaks. I'm not sure but I suspect our problem might be NOT using external mics.

    Any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks.
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