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  1. Alliance DC4S Baritone Mouthpiece (gold)

    Alliance DC4S gold baritone mouthpiece for sale. Excellent condition, approx 4 months old.
    US $100
    Includes postage.

    From the Alliance Website:
    The perfect mouthpiece to combine delicate...
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    Denis Wick 6BS Mouthpice

    Hi this mouthpiece seems to be the standard for British brass band use. Would like to know peoples thoughts on this mouthpiece. Iíve tried several, including the DC Alliance series, the K&G and also...
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    K & G Tuba Mouthpieces

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with K & G Tuba mouthpieces. Thanks.
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    K&G 5.5B Baritone mouthpiece for sale

    Mouthpiece in excellent condition. Selling only because I am changing size

    This is the most comfortable mouthpiece I have ever used.

    Description from their website is:
    A high quality K&G...
  5. Alliance DC Euphonium and Baritone mouthpieces

    Hi I would be interested in peopleís thoughts on these. They look great but are they good? In particular when compared to the likes of Denis Wick and K&G.
  6. Alone Yet Not Alone & Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

    Hi I am just wondering if either of the above 2 solos are available for euphonium with piano accompaniment? Thanks
  7. FS: Denis Wick Ultra 5 Baritone Mouthpiece (Gold)

    Denis Wick Ultra 5 Gold Baritone Mouthpiece for sale $95 inc postage.
    Excellent condition, hardly used.
    Slight marking only on shank.
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    Mouthpiece comparison

    Hi I would be interested in people's thoughts on how the K & G baritone mouthpieces compare with the Denis Wick Ultra series and the Alliance DC. Thanks
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    Denis Wick 6BS or SM6

    Hi I would be interested in people's thoughts on the differences between these 2 mouthpieces for baritone. Also people's thoughts on the assistance they may provide for high register playing. I've...
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    DW6BS versus Alliance DC5 mouthpiece

    Hi I would be interested in people's thoughts on the differences between these 2 mouthpieces. And is it correct that Denis Wick have taken over Alliance? Presumably the Alliance pieces will remain?
  11. Alliance David Childs Baritone Mouthpieces

    I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on these please. I'm currently using a Denis Wick SM Ultra 6 mouthpiece but are thinking of changing/upgrading as I have heard some good things about the DC...
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