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CD Review: Mark Glover, Euphonium - Hustle

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Mark Glover is a euphoniumist whose style is representative of modern playing without being too identified with any one niche (i.e. he does not sound particularly American, British, or...). He has a good understanding of the musical needs of the pieces he is playing, and I suspect the currently-living composers represented here would be pleased with the way he performs their work.

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ID:	6413The CD contains diverse selections, all within a "listenable" style. There should not by anything that starts the dogs barking! But he still presents a satisfying mix of traditional and contemporary musical works.

Mark demonstrates a wide range with good control and sound throughout. His vibrato is very attractive, and it combines nicely with his musical phrasing. His technique is solid throughout, including some challenging bits here and there.

The recorded sound is close-up in nature, which is somewhat of a trend these days in euphonium recordings. I personally prefer a performance hall sound, but I know that can complicate the recording and editing considerably.

Normally I have reviewed CD recordings on a song-by-song basis, but that seems out of place to me for this recording (and probably for others I have done in the past, now that I think about it). While I enjoy intensely "studying" a particular track or two by a given player, sometimes it is just nice to sit back and listen! This is a CD that is very well suited for listening. The balance of styles is diverse, but the 12 tracks fit nicely as a whole. We have here a fine, fine euphonium recording by a dedicated artist, and I think it sets a particularly good example of balanced programming.

The full track listing is:

1) Sholem Alekhem, Rov Freidman - Béla Kovács
2 - 4) Concerto for Euphonium “Euphoria!” - Zaidi Sabtu-Ramli
i Mania
ii A Lucid Dreamin’
iii Nirvana
5) Pavane - Gabriel Fauré arr. Wesley Kendrick
6) Scherzo for Euphonium and Piano - Asaad Hamzy
7) Bells Across the Meadow - Albert Ketèlbey arr. Wesley Kendrick
8) Through Her Eyes - Mark Glover
9) The Devil’s Tongue - Hugo Schmidt arr. Harold Brasch
10) Euphtude - Steven Lloyd-Gonzales
11) Lullaby for Lucy - Alex Thio
12) Hustle in Jozi - Zaidi Sabtu-Ramli

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  1. Davidus1's Avatar
    Thanks to both of you for your reviews. I may pick up this CD myself!
  2. euphmag's Avatar
    Many thanks.

    The CD is now available to download:
  3. Snorlax's Avatar
    I count this CD among my favorites! Interesting and diverse compositions played expressively. Highly recommended!!