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Recording Options for Good Quality

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People often ask how I make the YouTube videos of my playing. I have two methods, and choose which one depending on conditions.

The best results are with a quality stereo microphone, a digital recorder, and a digital camcorder. Here is equipment similar to what I use:

Audio-Technical Stereo Microphone

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Name:	Audio Technica Stereo Microphone.jpg 
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Zoom Audio Recorder, 4 Channel

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Name:	Zoom 4 Channel Recorder.jpg 
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Canon Camcorder

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Name:	Canon Camcorder.jpg 
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I use the Audio-Technica Stereo mic as the main microphone. It has a wonderful low range, which is good for both euphonium and piano. Because the Zoom recorder is 4 channel, I often use it closer to the piano. Then I can mix the channels in the free Audacity program to give the piano just the presence I want. The canon camcorder has a very long optical zoom and high quality picture. After recording, I combine the audio and video using a program like Nero Video. I kill the camcorder mics completely and line up the external mic's audio with the video.

A simpler, cheaper option is to bypass the Zoom recorder. The camcorder has a microphone input (you don't want to use the built-in mics!), so you can plug in the Audio-Technica mic directly. That also simplifies the mix because audio and video are already in sync.

For a cheaper way, you can use the Tascam digital recorder and its built-in mics. It's about $120 including a good SD card. You would still want to sync the audio and video after recording.

Tascam Stereo Recorder

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Name:	Tascam Recorder.jpg 
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Editing Software - Nero

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Name:	Nero 2018.jpg 
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For those who don't have a stand or tripod...

Amazon Basics 60-inch Tripod (approx. $24)

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Name:	712iGcE8YgL._SL1500_.jpg 
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Mugig Boom Microphone Stand (with boom, for more height for the microphone)

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Name:	51Aa6TJMFdL._SL1500_.jpg 
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Updated 11-01-2018 at 06:56 PM by davewerden

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  1. John Morgan's Avatar

    I am planning to do some recording with my horn and piano in a church setting similar to what your venue appears like. I have some gear, namely a couple of Audio-Technica Pro 37R mics, and a Fostec Digital Recorder. I don't think I am going to use the Fostec. But I am going to add video, so I think I will purchase a Canon Camcorder "like" the one you mention above. You mention the setup with the Canon and the AT Stereo Mic plugged directly into the Canon. I think this is what I am going to do. I see the AT Stereo Mic comes with a short cable. I am guessing that you use another longer cable from the mic to the short cable and to the camera, correct? Because I assume the camera is back 10-15 from you and Sara and that short cord would not cover the distance by itself. Where do you position the AT Stereo mic if you are using it just with the camcorder? Is the mic above you and Sara and facing down on a boom?

    Do you know anything about the AT Pro 37R (and Pro 37) mics? Do you think two of them would be roughly equivalent to the AT Stereo mic? The cable with the Stereo mic - does that actually pass stereo inputs to the camcorder? I wonder how I would get two separate mics to send their input to the camcorder so I could get stereo sound.

    I don't expect you to do any research on any of this, just if you happen to know some simple answers, that would be great.

    BTW, I never did hear from the orchestra director about Morceau. Guess he has better things to do. But thanks for trying.

    You would be surprised at why I am doing the recordings.

    Thanks, Dave.

    p.s. You going to ITEC? I think Linda and I are.