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Alone Yet Not Alone - Video

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The is a re-mastered video that I originally posted a few years ago, but its aspect ratio got distorted when YouTube changed its tagging rules. The song is from the movie of the same name, which was an inspirational story about faith in God. The composer is Bruce Broughton (who was a euphonium player many years ago). He is an Academy Award winning composer (think Silverado for starters). The tune works well without the words, but I had the words project on our church's screen - that is what the organist is turning to look at.

It required a sensitive interpretation and a certain amount of stamina, but is not out of reach for any decent player. Here is a link to obtain the sheet music (choose the key of E):

Alone Yet Not Alone Sheet Music Download

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  1. John Morgan's Avatar
    Beautiful! Nicely done Dave and Sara!