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Starter Pieces for Euphonium-Tuba Quartet

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I was just asked for a list of pieces suitable for an amateur quartet. The particular question in this case was about using them at an OcTubaFest, but these suggestions should work for several situations. Note that all are available as printed music or immediate download.

The title of this post mentions "Starter" but these are not for raw beginners. I'm referring to tunes to help get your group's repertoire started, although I have tried to stay within a fairly easy realm. If you can play a march you can probably handle any of these.

These are all my arrangements, and I generally try to give everyone something interesting in the piece.

Songs of the British Isles. I arranged this after hearing Harvey Phillips suggest we needed more pieces for groups that are not pro, but which would still be enjoyable for the audience. This features four well-known songs are is suitable for high school or above. Includes: 1. The Minstrel Boy 2. Molly Malone 3. Danny Boy 4. English Country Garden:

Here is a novelty piece if you are looking for a little "show biz" action - "Learnin' McFadden to Waltz." It tells the story in music of a poor gent with large feet who wanted to learn to dance. The tuba plays the role of McFadden (both before and after learning).

I heard the song "Are You From Dixie" with a barbershop quartet and got the idea to arrange the song for euph-tuba quartet, modifying the title to "Our Euph from Dixie."

The next one is some dances from the French Renaissance by Claude Gervaise. 1. Bransle de Bourgone; 2. Bransle Gai; 3. Allemande:

This one is a nice little song by Ralph Vaughan Williams, "Ward the Pirate."

The is a straightforward novelty piece written in the early 1900's, called "Mosquitoes' Parade." I renamed it for this use to "Parade of the Giant Mosquitoes."

And here is a Sousa march, "Washington Post." Of the marches I've arranged, this is probably the simplest to play and of course if very well known to your audience.

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  1. Beef's Avatar
    I laughed a little more than I should've at the "Our Euph from Dixie" title. Thank you Mr.Werden, you are really an amazing musician, not only in a professional sense but personality-wise too.