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Video by Dave Werden: Tico Tico

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Euphonium soloist David Werden and pianist Sara Brunk performing "Tico Tico." This Lewis Buckley arrangement was written originally for tuba marvel Oystein Baadsvik (you would want to specify the "high tuba" version to play it on euphonium).

We used a medium tempo, which was an interesting experience. I think it fit the piece nicely, but it almost would have been easier to play it more quickly! At this tempo, one has to work hard to make everything smooth and even. It's almost like having to put the brakes on your fingers.

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  1. dsurkin's Avatar
    I found a sheet music version of the Buckley arrangement in G minor. It sounded to me like that was the key you were playing it in, is that the one?
  2. davewerden's Avatar
    It is in Gm, but I think the high-tuba version has some different writing that fits euphonium better.
  3. dsurkin's Avatar
    Thank you. By the way, I was listening to some of your recordings on YouTube (while catching up on administrative stuff at my office), and I thank you for making these available. When I was playing baritone horn and later euphonium in school, it was very difficult to find euphonium recordings at the local record stores, and I really didn't know what I was supposed to sound like.