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Learning from Others - Comparisons

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I was browsing some of the videos on my Euphonium Videos page, and found an interesting contrast between performances of the same music by Lyndon Baglin, Adam Frey, and Steven Mead.

Lyndon performs in a very traditional British style. Steven also shows a British style, but sounds quite different. And Adam plays with a mostly-American style, although one can hear the British influence in his sound. Because they are all playing the same arrangement (mostly), it is a great opportunity to listen, learn and compare.

Sidebar: I won't ruin the surprise if you haven't seen Steven's version, but he ties into a previous post on this blog about showmanship.

Because the videos were made in different halls, you will have to ?listen through? the acoustics to hear the actual tone (and to some extent, the style), but I think the differences are clear enough to stand out easily.

But wait... Were expecting me to criticize or pick favorites? I have opinions, but they aren't relevant to this post because they are only my personal observations. These are three very well-regarded professionals, so you could learn by listening to any one of them. But to me, comparing them is also valuable.

As you listen, make your own different evaluation of specific phrases or sections. You will probably have a favorite. But also ponder the question of whether any of the three plays it exactly the way you would if you worked it up. Your taste may vary. Also, try to analyze why they sound different. Listen especially to the lyrical sections and think about the way they shape each phrase.

Feel free to comment below. Enjoy!

Rule Brittania, by:

Lyndon Baglin

Steven Mead

Adam Frey

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