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Music Appreciation 101, part 7: The Valve Trombone

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I have always been fascinated with the valve trombone. My first instrument was cornet, then I changed to euphonium. It was several years later that I learned to play trombone. Obviously, learning to change pitch with the slide instead of valves was a challenge. The slide certainly gives one access to some nice effects, but it is darned hard to play a chromatic scale! Well, eventually I toughed it out and learned how to play trombone.

During the All State festival one year we went to a dance one evening. The band playing had a fine trombonist, who switched to valve trombone for a couple of numbers. He had a King trombone, which could be bought as a bell section with interchangeable slide/valve section. Some years later I was able to find a used valve trombone and bought it. However, mine was a much older instrument. As a production savings, the manufacturer used trumpet valves in this horn, so the bore was pretty small. It was fun to play around with, though.

Today there are a few trombonists performing who prefer the valve trombone. One of the better-known examples is Canadian Rob McConnell (of Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass). But before I heard of him, I knew of Bob Brookmeyer, who had done a series of jazz recordings, including several with the great trumpet player Clark Terry.

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Both men are fine jazz artists and make optimum use of the valves. I am not aware of any artist who has become famous using valve trombone in a classical context (but I would like to hear of one if any readers have that knowledge). Below are a few examples from YouTube.

Bob Brookmeyer - Jim Hall

Rob McConnell Trio with Ed Bickert and Neil Swainson

Rob McConnell Quintet with Ed Bickert

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