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4th-Valve Lock - Keep It Quiet!

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Several brands of euphonium have a lock for the 4th valve that is a flat piece of metal hinged so it can swing over the 4th valve button to hold it down. I have had several students who have a little trouble with the lock. If it is too loose it can swing back against the horn's tubing, which allows it to buzz against the tube when you play. Keeping the hinge-screw exactly tight enough can solve this.

But for those who have trouble keeping it away from the tubing, I have a simple solution. Go to a band music store and buy a clarinet mouthpiece patch (or click here) - the small rubberized piece that clarinetists stick on top of their mouthpiece. It is usually self adhesive so it attaches easily, and it is made to resist effects of moisture so if it gets wet there should not be a problem. Test the position before peeling off the protective paper backing. Just turn the lock so it touches the tube, then slip the patch under it so it is approximately centered. Note the position. Move the lock out of the way, remove the backing, and stick it in place. Works like a charm!

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Updated 03-29-2019 at 07:22 PM by davewerden

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