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How to Polish Satin Silver Finishes

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Back in the 1970's when I had a satin silver Besson, I used to use normal Haggerty's silver polish because it helped prevent new tarnish, and I didn't mind if the finish got a little smoother. However, to preserve the finish I would suggest a different approach.

Get some Haggery's spray polish (with tarnish preventative). Spray it on, let it dry, and buff it off. By not rubbing the polish on, which is where most of the real polishing takes place, you preserve the finish. And the tarnish preventative will mean you have to do the whole thing much less often. I don't remember the directions, but you might get the polish off quicker by using a damp cloth.

Hagerty Silver Polish, Liquid

UPDATE: the following polish can be sprayed on so you avoid one step of rubbing, and the description says it is non-abrasive:
Hagerty Polish - Pump Spray

The satin finish is made by sandblasting the brass to make it rough and then silver plating it. So the finish is not quite as fragile is it would be if they made only the silver plating rough-looking.

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