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Fighting Dry Mouth

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This is a serious problem for a performer, and is caused by the various ways that nervousness affects your body.

I will post 2 messages that appeared on the old TUBA Discussion mailing list. However, first I would also suggest the obvious: that you must drink a lot of water before the performance. I usually prepare 1/2 to 1 hour ahead of performance time by taking sips of water every few minutes. You need to build up a supply that your body can call on when you need it.

Practical tip: don't forget to schedule a rest room visit shortly before the performance -- not all that water will ultimately go to fight your dry mouth.

Posted by Brian Dobbins:

OK, here is a good tip for dry mouth. my friend gave a recital last night and tried it and it works wonders take some salt and put it on your stand if you feel like you are getting dry dab you finger in the salt and put it on your tongue no more dry mouth try it it works.

brian dobbins tuba grad at UNM

And posted by Reid Wehner (Tuba, Stetson University):

Something else that works is to take one chewable vitamin C pill about 15 minutes before. You won't have a problem with dry mouth ever.

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