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    Yamaha Neo Opinions

    Thread Starter: graeme

    "I'd also like to try a Yamaha Neo but I can't find anyone in the UK that stocks them either." I think there are several Yamaha stockists try Alan...

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    John Morgan

    Wessex Eb Bombino Tuba - What a Great Tuba!

    Thread Starter: John Morgan

    While I am primarily a euphonium player, then secondarily a trombone (tenor, bass) player, I have toyed with getting/learning tuba over the years. I...

    Last Post By: JakeGuilbo Yesterday, 11:45 PM Go to last post

    Fingering in C or Bb?

    Thread Starter: acronias

    Hello, I am an amateur trombone player. I have been playing the trombone for 6 months. It has been 20 years since the last time I played a brass...

    Last Post By: iiipopes 02-19-2018, 09:55 AM Go to last post

    Overwhelmed by choices! Little help?

    Thread Starter: Yarnivore

    I feel like you should have my back-story so I can tell you what I'm looking for. I played euphonium through junior high, high school, and a...

    Last Post By: iiipopes 02-19-2018, 09:58 AM Go to last post

    Taps For Funeral Service

    Thread Starter: Fujiifilm

    I wasn't quite sure where to start this thread, so my apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum. Recently I was offered the opportunity to...

    Last Post By: iiipopes 02-19-2018, 09:47 AM Go to last post

    Yamaha 621s or Wessex BR 144? I really like my Yamaha but

    Thread Starter: LittleJimmy

    get tired of draining my valves or pulling my slides. Has anyone compared the Wessex to the Yamaha? Thanks. LittleJimmy Yamaha 621s

    Last Post By: jkircoff Yesterday, 02:39 PM Go to last post

    Something different - 5G

    Thread Starter: Greg_R

    Hi everyone, I'm currently playing on a (large shank) Bach 5G mouthpiece and would like to try some alternatives to see what kind of sound/s I...

    Last Post By: Greg_R Yesterday, 03:19 PM Go to last post

    Alliance DC2 rim size

    Thread Starter: patluron

    Hi, I would like to know the size of the rim of an alliance DC2. I've contacted alliance, but nobody answered to me. Thank you!

    Last Post By: Tubaryan12 Yesterday, 08:26 PM Go to last post

    Left Hand Strength

    Thread Starter: TD517

    Before I ramble, the main question here: What are some good exercises for building left hand strength specific to holding the Euphonium? I have the...

    Last Post By: Greg_R Yesterday, 05:34 PM Go to last post
    Douglas Reid

    Benge 6 1/2 AL- L?

    Thread Starter: Douglas Reid

    I am trying to understand the difference between a Benge 6 1/2 AL and a 6 1/2 AL-L. Is there a Bach mouthpiece that is equal to a 6 1/2 AL-L? ...

    Last Post By: Douglas Reid Yesterday, 08:41 PM Go to last post
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    Me, Myself, and I
    by Douglas Yeo (comments from Gene Pokorny)
    Great discussion on the importance of ensemble members remembering they are part of an ensemble, not soloists.

    Audition Day at the U.S. Coast Guard Band
    by Chief Musician Chris Howard
    A description of what it is like to go for a live audition for the U.S. Coast Guard Band. Each band has its own practices, but they also have many things in common.

    Band History 101
    by Richard Barth
    A great discussion to help band directors think just a little "outside the box" to improve retention and band popularity.

    Women Brass Musicians on the Vaudeville Stage
    by Dr. Joanna Ross Hersey
    Dr. Hersey documents some of the many women who performed during the Vaudeville era. She gives us great detail on the publicity material and press coverage of numerous touring chamber and symphonic music acts performing with female brass players between 1890 and 1930.

    The Euphonium Family
    by David Werden
    A discussion of the instruments in the euphonium family, covering their history and development, the various types of instruments, and their history of usage. The article covers euphonium, baritone horn, and double-bell euphonium

    Auditions - 12 Random Thoughts from the Other Side of the Screen
    by William James
    Mr. James, Principal Percussionist of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, shares the things that audition panels really care about as they listen to auditions. This must-read article provides logical, solid advice on auditioning for orchestras or bands.

    An Historical Lineage of the Modern Baritone Horn and Euphonium
    by Dr. Earle Louder
    Dr. Earle Louder give a very comprehensive account of the history and development of the euphonium family of instruments (euphonium, double-bell euphonium, and baritone horn). This is Dr. Louder's dissertation from Florida State University, originally presented in 1976.

    My Friends in the Lower Octave
    by Denis Wick
    Edited from Denis Wick's Facebook page (where it was posted on Dec. 16, 2014). Used with permission.
    Denis Wick has had a long and productive career as a player and teacher. And for much of that time he has been working on the "hardware" side of music to develop better equipment for players (you can learn more about that on his business site, www.deniswick.com). I personally own many pounds of Wick mouthpieces and mutes, as one example. His work on both sides has been in cooperation with some of the finest brass players in the world. Below is an article Denis Wick agreed to share with this website's visitors, which is on his Facebook page and has previously appeared in The Brass Herald. I think you will find it instructional and entertaining.

    Q and A with Steven Mead
    by Steven Mead
    Edited from Steven Mead's Facebook page. Used with permission.
    On November 25, 2014, euphonium virtuoso Steven Mead offered on his Facebook page (the "Steven Mead Euphonium Club") to answer three questions. He has kindly given me permission to display the complete list of conversations here so they will be more generally available. You can also follow Steven on his website,Euphonium.net.

    At the Piano, by Barrie Perrins - Considering Accompanists
    by Barrie Perrins
    From the British Bandsman, January 23, 1965. Used with permission.
    The great euphoniumist and teacher Barrie Perrins discusses the importance of an accompanist to a musical performance. He covers the partnership aspect, the respect one pays the accompanist by providing proper parts from which to play, nervousness, showmanship, and several other topics.

    Oral History Interview of Dr. Paul Droste

    Part of the Indiana University Tuba-Euphonium Oral History Project. Recorded in Columbus, Ohio, March 25th, 2000. Topic areas include Paul and the Euphonium, Studying with Max Denmark, Jack Evens, Teacher, Harold Brasch, Horn and Mouthpiece, Ensembles, Paul's Relationship with Yamaha, Glenn Call, T.U.B.A., Amateur Brass Bands, Junior Brass Bands, and American Brass Band Literature.

    Recollections on Bob Hoe
    by John Johnson
    John discusses his professional relationship with Robert Hoe and Hoe's love for bands and band music. Without John and Robert, the band world would be much poorer than it is today. The two enthusiasts brought us recordings of historic marches and some very famous brass soloists.

    Interview with Henry Charles Smith
    Part of the Indiana University Tuba-Euphonium Oral History Project. The great euphoniumist/trombonist/conductor Henry Charles Smith is interviewed about this life and career. Topics include: His Youth and Education, Early Career, Recordings, Orchestra, Band, Eugene Ormandy, Instruments - Trombone and Euphonium, Commissioning Music, Other Music and Transcriptions, Teaching and Coaching, Thoughts on Auditions.

    Band and Orchestra Auditions, by Dr. Jerry Young
    Dr. Jerry Young takes a very comprehensive look at auditions. Sections include Audition Process Common Practice, Critical Issues, Preparation, Adjudication, Preliminary Recording, Audition Committees, Objectifying Assessment in the Audition, Fairness of Auditions, Implications for Educators, Military Organization Interview Summaries, Interview Summaries: Orchestras, Orchestra Conductors, Musicians, among others.

    Film Composers and their Symphonic Music
    by David Werden
    This is taken from a masters paper in a 20th-Century Symphonies course. Many of today's film composers have backgrounds as symphonic composers and have studied in the same paths as Mahler, etc. Movie goers are regularly inculcated with the orchestrations, chord structure, melodic structure, and other facets of "serious music," even if they don't realize it at the time.
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