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    Wow, love this! I wondered so much about how this is done... Especially since i wanted to convert some 3 valve american style baritones into 4 valve.... Thanks Dave!
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    Thanks Dave. Great information!
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    Many thanks.

    The CD is now available to download:
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    For years, I thought a euphonium part written in T.C. had the same notes as if it were written on a T.C piano part and I could just use the E-G-B-D-F / F-A-C-E trick. Never understood why the different key. When picking up a piece of music in T.C. (for any instrument) and trying to play it on euphonium, how can you tell if it's representing concert pitch or the T.C. part say for a piano (or is that just unique to piano?)
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    Thanks to both of you for your reviews. I may pick up this CD myself!
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    Great video! Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for posting this. I've heard those same things about silver being "brighter". Nice to know this.
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    That's a great comparison! Thanks for posting this.
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    I just updated the baritone horn video because the original had gotten messed up by YouTube (it threw off the aspect ratio).
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    I have tried to contact Big Mouth Brass, as their euphoniums are not listed on their web site. It would appear that they are no longer manufacturing euphoniums.

    Quote Originally Posted by davewerden
    Big Mouth Brass sent the following to state why they think the intonation/response may not have been representative on the horn I tried.

    I noticed when I got home and was cleaning my horns that the Euph had three bags of silicone packing gel in it. I don't know how that may have affected the tuning but I put it on a tuner and did not find the discrepancy you did but unfortunately I did not test with the bags in so couldn't compare.
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    bhodson: If packed properly in the Bonna case it should be as well protected as in any hard case. Use the wide leather strap that is at the end of the case to pull the horn "into" the padding there. This will keep the bell from hitting the end of the case if it is dropped.
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    HI Dave
    Quick question. I know this is probably not the right place to ask... I have an Adams with the Bona case. I'm going to be flying to NYC with it and was wondering if you think the case is 'good enough' to protect my horn? Or if not, do you have any recommendations on another case I should use? Thanks very much.
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    I agree that the distribution of mass makes a difference. I noticed similar differences on tuba between the two versions of the Wick 1 tuba mouthpiece. I also found, not only from the comparison of the different Wick models, classic and heritage, but also from as far afield as a Kelly mouthpiece needing a ring of golfer's lead tape around the throat to stabilize the dynamic extremes and provide better flexibility.
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    Beautiful! Nicely done Dave and Sara!