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  1. More on Playing in Church - New Video

    Here is a new video of me playing euphonium for a recent church service, with Sara Brunk, piano. This piece was the offertory: "You Raise Me Up" - words and music by Brendan Graham and Rolf Lovland.

    I have to confess that I came across this song accidentally. I heard the Irish Tenors (probably during PBS fund-raising) in concert, and Ronan Tynan sing a piece called "Grace." I was struck by the melody and wanted the music. The only way I could purchase it was within a book of Ronan Tynan ...
  2. Christmas Music from The U.S. Coast Guard Band

    Here is a YouTube playlist with a few numbers from a special live concert the Coast Guard Band did in 1985. Our guest for the evening was Tony-Award-winning singer/actress Tammy Grimes. The selections include 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, White Christmas, Russian Christmas Music, and a special arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, written by the Band's former arranger and narrated with the Biblical story of Christmas.

    Coast Guard Band Christmas Concert Selections
  3. So, Playing in Church Is Too Hard, You Say?

    For many years I have been advising euphonium players to connect with a local church and volunteer to perform euphonium solos now and then (plus play in a brass ensemble if they have one). This is a great way to gain experience and it's a nice contribution to the church. Euphonium is a great fit for a worship service!

    Some of you who are not associated with a church may find it uncomfortable to approach them. Don't worry - in most cases they will be glad to hear from you! "But," I hear ...
  4. Dave Werden Euphonium Video - Halsey Stevens Sonatina, Movement 3

    This is the 3rd (final) movement of the Halsey Stevens Sonatina, originally written for Donald Waldrop.

    The video here is from my euphonium recital at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, on Feb. 10, 2013. I heard Don perform this is L.A. in 1978. I had heard this on tuba previously, but I was struck by how nice it sounded on a smaller instrument (Waldrop used a 6-valve French tuba, pitched one step higher than the euphonium). Performing with me is Dr. Barbara Young.

    Sheet ...
  5. Learning from Others - Comparisons

    I was browsing some of the videos on my Euphonium Videos page, and found an interesting contrast between performances of the same music by Lyndon Baglin, Adam Frey, and Steven Mead.

    Lyndon performs in a very traditional British style. Steven also shows a British style, but sounds quite different. And Adam plays with a mostly-American style, although one can hear the British influence in his sound. Because they are all playing the same arrangement (mostly), it is a great opportunity ...
  6. David Werden, Euphonium Solo - Alfie

    This was part of my weekend at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, in February, 2013. On Saturday I did a master class with Dr. Jerry Young's euphonium-tuba studio. Before the class started, I wanted to start with a simple song. I was demonstrating how one might choose a song to do as an instrumental. One requirement is that the melody be interesting even without the lyrics. I believe this song demonstrates that well. The Burt Bacharach melody (originally sung by Dionne Warwick) is pretty, ...
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  7. Live Video of the COMPLETE Capuzzi Concerto - David Werden, Euphonium

    After years of putting it off, in 2007 I finally got around to arranging the "missing" first movement of the Capuzzi concerto. I followed the general style of Catelinet's "Andante and Rondo" (movements two and three of the same concerto). Then earlier this year I had a chance to perform all three movements as the complete concerto.

    The playlist below should automatically play all three movements of the concerto from my euphonium recital at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, on Feb. ...
  8. Music for the ITEC 2014 Competitions

    Competition season is fast approaching. A few days ago I posted the music for the Falcone International Competition. But there is also an international competition from the International Tuba-Euphonium Association (ITEA). Deadlines and registration details can be found at the link here:

    Below is the music required, with links to as many as I could find online.

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