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  1. New Article: Arthur Lehman Remembers Simone Mantia

    I suspect most of you who read this blog already know who Arthur Lehman was. In case you don't, he was euphonium soloist with The United States Marine Band and author of the book and recording "The Art of Euphonium." And Simone Mantia was perhaps the first euphonium who became a world legend. He performed as soloist with the Sousa Band.

    Arthur Lehman wrote several monographs in 2008. In one he wrote about his memories of Simone Mantia and what he learned from this amazing euphonium ...
  2. New, Improved Brass Music Videos Section

    Some time ago I added a collection of hand-picked videos of brass music for all solo instruments, brass bands, and brass ensembles. It was dependent on the YouTube Video Player widget, but that came to have limitations. First, YouTube limited the length of the title list on each player collection to 50. Also, it was difficult to see what exactly you were about to view. There are currently over 1,000 brass videos in my collection. The euphonium collection alone has more than 300! Clearly the YouTube ...
  3. New Jobs Topic on Euphonium-Tuba Forum

    I have just added a new Category to the Euphonium-Tuba Forum, and the name is "Paying Jobs." The purpose is not to advertise vacancies as they arise, but rather to start creating a list of possible places to look for future employment. So I intend to list information about service band opportunities (full-time positions), bands like River City Brass (which is a pay position, though not a full-time living), etc. I suspect the list will eventually contain many venues that would be, at best, a supplemental ...
  4. We've Won the Malware Fight!

    Regular visitors will know that this site became inflicted with some kind of virus or malware. My site is hosted on a server that also hosts many other sites, which is necessary unless you can afford big bucks for your own server. It appears one of those other sites was infected and that spread to all other sites on the server via the Windows web server.

    It took my hosting company a while to get everything clean and back to normal (it involved moving to a new server with a clean install ...
  5. New Gift Page Added - Help Support This Site

    Many people have mentioned that they would like to help support this site. The software and hosting for this site are not cheap and I do not sell anything directly to make up for the cost.

    But I do have associations with other vendors by which I can receive a small royalty when you buy something from them. I ONLY deal with vendors I have thoroughly checked out and trust. In fact, I use them myself for my own purchases.

    If you are going to purchase something ...
  6. New Arthur Lehman Article: The Bydlo Euphonium Solo

    Former Marine Band euphonium soloist Arthur Lehman has fond and not-so-fond memories of performing the euphonium solo in Bydlo, from Pictures at an Exhibition. There is some good insight here on the value of using a recording device to hear your practice before you are in a live performance. This new article joins 23 other articles by Arthur Lehman.

    Read the new article at:

    Remembering the Bydlo Euphonium Solo

  7. Google Issued Bogus Site Warning Saturday Morning

    In case any of you were searching the Internet via Google on Saturday morning (Jan. 31) between 9:30-10:30 Eastern Time, you would have seen a warning on ALL search results. It would have said:

    "This site may harm your computer."

    It was caused by a bad entry in the Google data base. There was NO problem on or (or most other sites where you saw the warning).

    If you use Gmail and tried to follow a link, you might have ...
  8. New Article by Arthur Lehman: The British Euphonium Sound

    Legendary euphoniumist (and prolific author!) Arthur Lehman has just written a few thoughts about the British euphonium sound that we all talk about so much. Here is an excerpt:

    It just occurred to me today. When I listened to music off a new CD I'd just acquired, of the Salvation Army's International Staff Band from England, that for years when I have written many articles, I have unintentionally overlooked the English euphonium players. When I would, for instance, say something ...
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