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  1. Euphonium Music Guide Listed in Infography

    The Euphonium Music Guide, an online listing of sheet music for euphonium and cd's and other recordings for euphonium, has been honored by being included in the Infography website. This site is a carefully-screen resource about musical instruments. Click here to go to the Euphonium Music Guide...
  2. Links Page Updated

    The Links page has been re-arranged and updated. It is now more convenient to use and has many new links.
  3. Basic Fingering Charts Available for Download for 3-valve Instruments.

    If you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (available from Adobe), you can view and print fingering charts for treble or bass clef baritone/euphonium. These are basic fingering charts -- no alternate fingerings are shown. If you already have the Acrobat Reader, just click on of the links above and you should see the fingering chart, which you can then print from within Acrobat. This product is only available via this method and cannot be ordered any other way.
  4. Free Recording of David Werden Playing Bride of the Waves

    There are Real Audio and MP3 recordings of David Werden's recordings with the U. S. Coast Guard Band. Most of these are from previously-released albums that are now out of print.
  5. New Listings of Selected Euphonium and Tuba Recordings and Books

    There are two pages of listings for Euphonium Recordings and Books and for Tuba Recordings and Books. The items have been carefully selected and contain some hard-to-find items.
  6. New Sound Files Available for OnLine Listening, June 98

    Several new sound files are now available. These are samples of some of the music arrangements by David Werden. They are in RealAudioŽ format, so you will need the free RealAudio Player as a browser plug-in (available for easy download and installation from the RealAudio web site)
  7. Holst 2nd Suite arranged for Euphonium-Tuba Ensemble, Jan. 98

    Holst's popular Second Suite in F for Military Band contains one of the most beloved euphonium solos in the repertoire. This piece is now arranged for euphonium-tuba quartet and for euphonium-tuba ensemble (6-part). See the music listings to learn more.
  8. New Euphonium-Tuba Quartet CD Released

    Formerly called The Atlantic Tuba Quartet, the group Alchemy has just released its new CD of euphonium-tuba quartet music. Details...
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