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    Quote Originally Posted by Malamute
    I have a hawkes & son euphonium date around 1930. it has a kosicup mouthpiece with it which is a bit tatty. does anyone know what size shank I should be looking for please?
    You would need a medium shank mouthpiece (sometimes called a European shank)
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    Thanks, FT!

    From the site linked above, here is a page with a photo history of a valve set being made:

    I will add this to the original entry as well.
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    The rest of Dan Oberloh's site has much more info about their repairs and methodology:
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    FunkyTuba, I don't know of any offhand. The reason I appealed to Adams to get these photos is that I could find almost nothing of any use on the web. But if you find something, please post here! Thanks.
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    Thanks! like you I never knew/realized that this is how pistons are made.

    Do you know anywhere online where I could find a similar pictoral description of how rotary valves are made/cut?

    Edit: just after I posted this, I refined my search of the literature (i.e. I changed what I was googling for) and I found this page:

    the process looks quite similar
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