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  1. Concert Polka - Special Cadenza - Free Download

    I've had several questions about my cadenza in my solo of Concert Polka. On YouTube the video I posted of this solo features a different cadenza from what is written. It has a couple non-standard techniques. The simpler of the two is simply a "messy gliss" (like a French horn section often does in dramatic passages, where their upward slur is not clean, but rather includes all the partials along the way). The second one is simple enough if you have a decent lip trill ability, but it will test your ...
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  2. MP3 Recording: Barnum and Bailey's Favorite - U.S. Marine Band

    Here is a recording that makes a good example of playing a piece that you find on many audition lists: Barnum & Bailey's Favorite. This is one of the most famous circus marches ever written, to the point that it is almost iconic. It was written by bandleader (and euphonium player!) Karl King (1891-1971) in 1913.

    Performance is by The United States Marine Band, surely one of the very best wind bands in the world. Enjoy!

    Download the free MP3 of Barnum & Bailey's Favorite (March) ...
  3. A Little Euphonium-Tuba Christmas Cheer!

    Here are two free recordings for the Christmas season, both by the U.S. Coast Guard Band Euphonium-Tuba Quartet.

    Both are Gary Buttery arrangements from Cimarron Music. Find the sheet music on Cimarron's Euphonium Music Page.

    English Folk Christmas (medley)

    Greensleeves (What Child Is This?)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Glenn Miller and the Air Force Band

    On today's date in 1944 during World War II, Air Force Bandleader Glenn Miller was lost somewhere over the English Channel. His band carried on, and later became known as the Airmen of Note (or simply "Note" by other AF musicians).

    I am linking up a few holiday songs from the Airmen of Note in honor of Glenn Miller's terrific work.

    O Christmas Tree

    Oy Chanukah

    We Three Kings

    Go Tell It On TheMountain ...
  5. Free Christmas MP3 Songs from U.S. Marine Band

    Is the budget tight this year? In spite of that do you want some more Christmas music to play at home or on your portable player? No problem! The United States Marine Band has once again made available some of their excellent recordings, which you can download for no charge. Here is the description:

    Need the perfect soundtrack for a holiday party, decorating the house, or just sitting by the fire? In a nod to the season, the Marine Band has made three holiday audio selections ...
  6. 221st Birthday of the United States Coast Guard!

    August 4, 2011 is the 221st birthday to the U.S. Coast Guard! Founded in 1790 by Alexander Hamilton, it is the countrys oldest continuously-operating seagoing service. Men and women of the nation's smallest military service save more than 5,000 lives every year (not to mention billions of dollars in property).

    In recognition of this event I am offering some recordings of The United States Coast Guard Band. These MP3 files are free for download, and they should play on most portable ...
  7. Robert Isele, In Memoriam

    I have just learned that former U.S. Marine Band trombone soloist Robert Isele died on December 8, 2009. The following is from the Marine Band's newsletter, "Notes" (Mar. 2010):

    Master Gunnery Sergeant Robert Isele, USMC (Ret.), of Harrisburg, Pa, passed away on Dec. 8, 2009. Master Gunnery Sgt. Isele joined the Marine Band in 1937 and quickly became principal trombone. He was one of the most frequently featured soloists in the band's history. After retiring from "The President's ...
  8. Podcast: Tuba-Euphonium Duo

    This week's podcast from features two American players: Gail Robertson, euphonium, and Stacy Baker, tuba. They are presented in a variety of ensembles settings. Both players are terrific and the music is great. Give it a listen here:


    (Watch for a review of the CD later this month on the Tuba-Euphonium Blog)

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