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    It's been I thought I'd be a bit provocative. LOL

    I find the 826 to be a bit more responsive than the Q41 for me. I was actually surprised how heavy the 826 felt (especially compared to the 526, which is VERY light...even with the larger bore).

    I've talked to a few Eastman/Shires artists that dismiss the 826 all together... basically touting the 526 as a great budget horn and the Q40/41 if you want a more professional one (opting never to recommend the 826 since the price is so close to the Q-series Shires horns). Looking at the history of the seems a bit like the 822 and the 826 were the beta versions of the Q40 and Q41 (based on the fact Shires was involved in the development and they were completed before the Q-series horns)...however, they ARE quite a bit different. With more time I may be able to articulate those differences more succinctly.
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    I would not necessarily conclude that. The reviews are just from the short time I had availability for each instrument. (But it is also not necessarily a wrong conclusion - I don't know the answer myself.)
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    So, you liked the EEP826 over the Q41?
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    Looking forward to going through it.

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    Already heard back from Thomann.... They still have no news about Alliance mouthpieces availability.

    Meantime.... Still crickets from, Wick corporate, and Wick US.

    Best, G.
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    It's hard to tell from the website if the mouthpieces are in stock. Hopefully Guido will receive a response that will shed some light on the situation.
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    Hello Larry, last time I contacted Thomann several weeks ago they indicated they had ordered DC mouthpieces, but had no ETA.... But thank you for reminding me.... So I just emailed Thomann afresh about the issue.

    Thomann is usually pretty prompt at responding.

    Best, G.
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    Thomann Music allows sales to the US of Alliance mouthpieces. But it looks like they are all on backorder.

    (Thomann doesn’t allow sales of Yamaha, Schilke, and few other brands to the US.)
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    Just checked the Alliancebrass site once again... Their ecommerce facility is still restricted to UK only operations:

    Shipping | Alliance Brass (

    Let's hope for

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    Hello David, it would be wonderful if things are finally moving on the Alliance front... I spoke to SLM several days ago, but they seem to indicate that Alliance is not part of the current distribution agreement.... Yet I hope that will change eventually.

    Meantime, prompted by Larry's post above, I emailed Hope their answer will bring good news.

    Best, Guido
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    If David Childs' site is working and filling orders, that would be convenient AND would give David a cut of the sales money. Seems only fair, since I would not have tried the Alliance except for his encouragement.
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    I don't have an answer just yet, except to say that Alliance is re-jiggering everything to solve the very problem you describe. They are simplifying their product line to focus on the "core competency" (to use a phrase from the business world). But just as important, their new U.S. distributor has a lot larger network of dealers. Last time I talked them, the thought was that things may start looking better by summer.
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    Hallo Larry... Fascinating, if I remember correctly, the ecommerce facility was closed until days ago.

    I will now email to find out if they are resuming sales to the USA.

    I'll be delighted if my venting above is unwarranted, and will amend my post accordingly!

    Saluti, G.
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    So, you can’t order them straight from DC’s website?
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    Hello David... "Hugely Respected" is praised well deserved... I would add Highly Influential to that!

    Amongst others, your live reviews did excite me about the amazing Alliance DC mouthpieces, and to that very DC3 in particular, which you have now migrated to

    Unfortunately, the proverbial fly in the ointment is that, meantime for the Alliance brand, Wick has driven the North American market up the classic creek without a paddle. Starting 2023, Wick has moved its distributorship from DANSR to St. Louis music (SLM), but has left Alliance out of SLM's purview. So, no David Childs mouthpieces available in the US anywhere.

    Meantime, UK Wick dealers like JP are barred from selling to US customers... And Wick does not respond to web/email inquiries. What to do?

    Fortunately last fall, I did manage to scrounge fine examples of DC3 (thanks Miketeachesclass), a rare DC2 (thanks Steven Vaughn), and even a new DC3 through Dillon from the dwindling residual stok of DANSR,... But now all seems to have dried up for everyone else... How can anyone follow your lead and source a new DC mouthpiece this side of the Pond? I know that at least one good friend of mine is asking this very question.

    Fascinating American pickle, isn't it

    Best, Guido
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    What about using the "Josef Meinlschmidt (JM) Lubricants" Bearing & Linkage oil (3.5)? Comes with needle to help with application...and seems to actually be made for such a use case ("linkage").
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    Was about to ask the question regarding lubrication. The trigger on my new (to me) Virtuoso is making quite a racket!

    Just regular valve oil, huh? Will give it a try!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonium
    Any updates? Do you still use it?
    You bet! I use it every day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonium
    Any updates? Do you still use it?
    I own two of these and have used them quite a bit…not only at home (and at the office), but also during concerts if there is any sort of break in our performance.

    Highly recommend!!
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    Any updates? Do you still use it?
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