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Videos on this or other sites.

  1. Baritone Horn Solo - Video

    This is a video of a nice performance on an British-style baritone horn. The piece is Sun, by Bruce Fraser. Soloist is Katrina Marzella with Brassband David (Zwolle, Netherlands). For those who are still confused about the difference between euphonium and baritone, this video should make it clearer. The horn looks much different from a euphonium, and you will find the sound to be much less deep.

  2. Euphonium Duet - Endearing Young Charms, on video

    There is a new video on YouTube that features members of a Navy band (not THE Navy Band) performing my arrangement of Believe Me if all those Endearing Young Charms. The duet arrangement, with brass accompaniment, is listed on this page:

    Euphonium Solos with Band

  3. Euphonium Duet: Timepiece, Salvation Army Band

    I have mentioned this video before, but I will embed the video for your convenience. It is live performance of a Salvation Army Duet for Euphoniums called Timepiece. Very nicely played, but acoustics aren't so good.

  4. Video of Saxhorn Ensemble

    Saxhorns are similar to euphoniums and tubas in that they are a conical-bore instrument, but they are configured somewhat differently. Here is a video from YouTube with Excerpts from Carnival of the Animals.

  5. Videos: Trio of Double-Bell Euphoniums

    There are posts on YouTube showing a Dixie band called Cell Block Seven, and they feature a trio (and some solo work) with double-bell euphoniums:

    Double-Bell Euphonium Trio - Strange Blues

    Double-Bell Euphonium Trio (small bells featured) - Apex Blues

    Mood Indigo

    Buglers Holiday
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