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  1. Video: Euphonium Solo - Tchaikovsky Romance - Played by Dave Werden

    I've uploaded another video from my Winter recital in Eau Claire. This is the Tchaikovsky Romance in f-minor, which is originally a piece for solo piano. I didn't know the piece until Harold Brasch sent me the solo part of a version he had done. As I played through it, I was immediately struck by the attractiveness of Tchaikovsky's melodies. It seemed a great setting for euphonium.

    It has been kicking around in my head for a few decades, and last year I finally got around to arranging ...
  2. Video: Hummel Trumpet Concerto - Euphonium Solo

    Here is the opener from my Feb. 2013 recital at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. The Hummel Trumpet Concerto has long been one of my favorite trumpet pieces. It is amazing easy to hear differences in musical approach when you hear different trumpet players perform it - even among the very top-of-the-top trumpet players. For euphoniumists, that means we can hear several authoritative interpretations to help develop a side of our style that is often overlooked in our low brass world.
  3. When Is a Breath Mark Not a Breath Mark?

    Sheet music is a symbolic language. If you're reading this I assume you are a musician, so therefore you know that when you see a solid black oval notehead with a straight line sticking up or down, that is a quarter note. You also know it is equivalent to two eight notes. That's a mathematical relationship that is fairly basic to music. Other notations are also clear. We see the # sign and know that it can change the pitch of a note (unless it is a courtesy reminder of what the note should be in ...
  4. Dave Werden Playing Beauty and the Beast (Euphonium and Piano)

    During my Feb. 10, 2013 recital at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, I wanted to introduce a change of pace from standard literature. Ever since I saw the movie "Beauty and the Beast" I have been a big fan of the title song, and also taken by Angela Lansbury's performance. It was late in Ms. Lansbury's career and her voice had a relaxed, but authoritative, quality. She was singing in the most natural part of her range, which was somewhat low. It seemed a perfect fit for presentation on euphonium, ...
  5. Oral History Interviews with Famous Low-Brass Players

    Many of the visitors to my site are members of the International Tuba-Euphonium Association (ITEA), and many are not. Either group of people may be unaware of a terrific resource available to ITEA members.

    ITEA members can go to and click the History link, after which you see a link to the Oral History section of their website. In this section you find transcripts of interviews with tuba and euphonium players who are well-know in our community. This is a great way to ...
  6. Dave Werden Playing Chiapanecas - Video

    One of my favorite solos of the late Rafael Mendez is "Chiapanecas". I first heard it in high school. He actually recorded two versions, one with his 2 sons as a trio and one as a solo.

    During the concert March 10 with Oystein Baadsvik I had the chance to perform a solo. There was little time to prepare, and I wanted to choose something different in nature to what I anticipated Oystein would play, so Chiapanecas came to mind. Here is the video of the solo:
  7. Dave Werden and Oystein Baadsvik - Bach Aria-Duet - Video

    My duet performance with Oystein Baadsvik is now on my videos page. This is from March 10, 2013, in Woodbury, Minnesota, and was part of the Baadsvik concert presented by Minne-Brass. This piece is with euphonium, tuba, and piano. The arrangement is available from Cimarron Music Press.

    Oystein Baadsvik and David Werden, Bach Aria-Duet

    The arrangement is also available for band (a small wind ensemble from a regular concert band).
  8. New Video: When I Look In Your Eyes - Euphonium and Piano

    This is a video from my recent recital at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. The song is from the original version of the movie Dr. Dolittle, and was sung by Rex Harrison for the movie. Performing with me on this video is Dr. Barbara Young.

    When I Look In Your Eyes
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