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  1. Jonathantuba's Avatar
    Dave, Thank you for your positive review and your comments on the Sinfonico.

    We will certainly take your advise on the 4th valve slide being slightly shorter. We try to make Wessex instruments suit as many players as possible, so it is always better to make slides slightly shorter, if some people have problems with flat notes, as others can always pull out if they find otherwise.
  2. davewerden's Avatar
    hyperbolica: very good points! I made a decision to not talk about the used market because that is such a huge variable. And some folks want to buy a new horn, or have no safe way to buy a used horn, etc. In my situation I would certainly consider either something like a Wessex or a good used horn for a secondary instrument. (Sidebar: I own 3 slide trombones; two are newer Yamaha models and the 3rd is an old King Liberty. In some ways that old Liberty is the sweetest one to play!)
  3. hyperbolica's Avatar
    Yeah, these are some really good points. Also you might consider that some pros or semi-pros buy secondary instruments, that you might use for learning slide or valve techniques, or for additional gig opportunities, or just for the stimulation of learning something new. My trombones are pro-level, but I don't need pro-level valve instruments, so I turn to the Chinese market you reference, but also the used pro market. You can find the level of quality that you need at various price points, with the appearance or maybe condition being the variable for older used pro equipment and reputation and durability being the variable for the lower priced Chinese horns. It's totally realistic to find an 80 year old trombone that you can use professionally, as long as its in good condition, and in some cases (where performance and collecting interests intersect) sometimes the older instruments can be as expensive as new ones. Just a reminder that the used market is a valid place to find good quality stuff too, and is often a better choice than the low priced new options.
  4. Rodgeman's Avatar
    Looks like he got it modified into a two piece bell.

    Still wonder why it has not been done on a euphonium bell. Just a matter of time I suppose.

    I just noticed it on this video posted this week:
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