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  1. Roger Bobo's Blog

    The great tuba player/teacher Roger Bobo has a very fine blog. You can find general/personal updates and some very good insight on playing:

    Roger Bobo Blog
  2. Live Recording Made Easy with Modern Technology!

    Technology has come a long way for those of us who like to do live recording. At one time I would lug a reel-to-reel tape recorder, 2 microphones, 2 mic stands, and enough extension cords to reach the nearest outlet. My setup was a bit conspicuous and time consuming.

    In a couple recent performances I used my super-small digital recorder and a one-piece stereo microphone. For one of those, I neglected to bring along a proper mic clip to fit a standard mic stand, so I simply used ...
  3. Tuba Mouthpiece Guide Now Available

    The Tuba Mouthpiece Page is now online. You can see various makers' specifications such as cup width, throat size, cup depth, rim width, etc., and you can limit the view to mouthpieces of similar size to one you use or one are interested in.

    As for any such comparisons, the numbers and descriptions do not tell the whole story. You still need to try a mouthpiece to know if it is a good choice for you. But this page might help you narrow the field or let you know of other brands ...
  4. New Roger Bobo CD???

    Yes! It's true, although the music this new CD contains was recorded in the 1970's when Bobo's career was at its peak. Some of the material this CD contains has never been heard on CD previously. The new CD is called Rainbo-Bo: Man With the Golden Tuba. There is a huge diversity in the music because Roger chose 2 of the most beatiful melodies ever (the Bach Air for the G String and Schubert's Serenade) and also has some 20th-Century music by Meyer Kupferman, Morton Subotnick, and Thomas Stevens. ...
  5. New Resource: Trombone/Euphonium Mouthpiece Guide

    There is a brand new page on the site, listing specifications for euphonium and trombone mouthpieces. You will find all 3 euphonium shank sizes (tenor trombone size, European euphonium size for Willson and older Bessons, and bass trombone size shanks). If you want to see what choices you might have near the size of the mouthpiece you are now using, you can click the size and see other mouthpieces that are slightly smaller, the same size, and slightly larger.

    Euphonium and Trombone ...
  6. Video: Salvation Army Brass Band - Euphonium Solo

    YouTube has a fun video recording online of the Chatham Salvation Army Band (a British-style brass band). It features a euphonium soloist performing a solo I had not heard before, Traveling Along:

    Learn more about the band at their website:

    Chatham Salvation Army Band

  7. Two German Euphoniumists - Ten Bar Galopp

    Just found this on YouTube - great fun! The players are using oval instruments that sound different from a British baritone or a European euphonium. They call these barytons.

  8. Elision: Caught in the Middle

    In my previous house I saw starlings in my yard now and then. According to Wikipedia, these are "...small to medium-sized passerine birds in the family Sturnidae." At the time I didn't know what to call them, but I saw them all the time. Later I learned they were "starlings."

    The same is true with "Elision." This is (among other things) a musical term, and it refers to a note that is shared as the last note of one phrase and the first note of the next phrase. For a piece written ...
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