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  1. Review of Brass Quartet Music: Variations on a Theme of Paganini by Horovitz

    HOROVITZ, Joseph

    Variations on a Theme of Paganini

    Published by R. Smith & Co., Ltd., 1975. (Watford, England)

    Brass Quartet (2 cornets, Eb or F horn and Euphonium).

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  2. Tuba Source Book and Euphonium Source Book - Dates

    Message from R. Winston Morris:

    The GUIDE TO THE TUBA REPERTOIRE: The NEW TUBA SOURCE BOOK and the GUIDE TO THE EUPHONIUM REPERTOIRE: The EUPHONIUM SOURCE BOOK are currently in preparation at Indiana University Press in Bloomington, Indiana. The two thousand page manuscript for the TSB was submitted to IU Press on June 1st, 2005 and involves a complete update of all the literature and discography chapters of the original Tuba Source Book (IU Press, 1996). An even larger ...
  3. Euphoniumists of the Sousa Band

    Euphoniumists of the Sousa Band

    Compiled by Dr. Mark R. Foutch

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  4. Looking Back at the 1980 Euphoniumists Dinner

    Note: this post is from a back issue of Euphonia Magazine. It is a summary of the evening I received the Euphonium Player of the Year Award. It was great fun and I thought it might provide an interesting insight into a different culture, particularly for U.S. players. There are links to several interesting sites within the content.

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  5. Comparing Professional Euphoniums to Mid-Level Euphoniums

    Does a "Professional" Euphonium Have Five Times Better Tone than a "Mid-Level" Euphonium?

    A research study by David R. Miles


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  6. Euphonium-Tuba Quintet on Prairie Home Companion

    The Mid-Winter Tuba Quintet will play on A Prairie Home Companion on Oct. 29 (and probably rebroadcast in many areas on Oct. 30). The group consists on Dave Werden, John Tranter, and Lee Dummer on euphoniums and Ralph Hepola and Tom McCaslin on tubas. Check you local putlic radio station for times.

    Pieces played include Dave Werden's arrangement of In the Hall of the Mountain King, Ray Grim's arrangement of Susie Polka, and a brand new arrangement written for the program: ...
  7. The Names BARITONE and TUBA.

    The names Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Alto, and Soprano, which I listed from lowest to highest, are all voice ranges that you might find in any choir and in most choral music (although Baritone is less common because a lot of vocal music has 4 parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). So the same names are used to indicate the range, or relative range, of a voice or an instrument. In the sax family, for example, all those names are applied, indicating the range of the sax (yes, there is even a Bass Saxophone, ...
  8. Brass Music from Movies

    There is a nice site on the Internet that has music from many movies that use brass instruments. Included are the Jabba theme from Star Wars, Jaws, Hook, and others. Depending on the movie, you will find parts for trumpet, horn, trombone, and tuba.

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