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  1. Several More Christmas MP3 Downloads

    As I look forward to enjoying Christmas with my family and friends, I would like to help others enjoy the holiday season by linking here a few more Christmas MP3 files that you are free to download. These are from some of the finest military bands in the world, including the official bands of The U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Coast Guard.

    The United States Navy Band, Happy Holidays album:

    The United States Coast Guard Band, Live Concert ...

    Updated 12-18-2017 at 06:17 PM by davewerden

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  2. Christmas Music -USAF Band, Children Go Where I Send Thee

    OK, you probably figure you have already spent enough during this Christmas season, so how about a FREE MP3 file? This is another fine performance by the excellent United States Air Force Band (Washington, D.C.):

    Children Go Where I Send Thee

    (If you look back at previous blog posts, you will find many more free downloads of holiday music by military bands.)
  3. When Do You NOT Want to Double-Tongue Evenly?

    (People use different sounds to double tongue, but for this discussion I'll assume you are using a ta-ka-ta-ka pattern.)

    Normally when double-tonguing you want to make the articulation, sound, and rhythm absolutely even. However, double-tonguing can also be used when the rhythm is uneven. For example, when you are playing a fast dotted-eighth/16th figure, you can use a 'TA" on the dotted 1/8th and a "KA" on the 16th note. To present this visually:

    With normal ...
  4. Air Force Band Holiday Music - Deck the Halls

    Another addition to our series of free military band music, here is The United States Air Force Band performing Deck the Halls. This arrangement by arr. TSgt Lawrence LaDuke is from their album Joy to the World:

    Deck the Halls
  5. New - Doc Severinsen Store on Amazon

    Regular visitors to this site already know that we have had a comprehensive Doc Severinsen Discography for some time. I also link to Doc's recordings in some places because he is such a great model of a brass musician.

    There is now a new Doc Severinsen Store on Amazon that is exclusively for fans of Doc Severinsen and the Tonight Show (with Johnny Carson). You will find CD's, books, and videos by following the link below:

    Doc Severinsen Store
  6. More Christmas Music - Rock of Ages, Navy Band

    Another in our series of military music, available for free download (as an MP3 file). This one is from The United States Navy Band's holiday album Happy Holidays:

    Rock of Ages, U.S. Navy Band
  7. USAF Band, Angels of Christmas - Christmas MP3

    Continuing our series of free military band music, here is a nice arrangement from The United States Air Force Band's album Light One Candle. The song is Angels of Christmas (arranged by SMSgt Larry MacTaggart), which is a medley of Angels We Have Heard on High and Farandole.

    Angels of Christmas, free MP3

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  8. New Steven Mead Recording - Album Download

    The Steve Mead album Euphonium Magic, Volume 2, is now available for (legal!) download from the iTunes store. This joins 5 other albums by Steve that can be purchased immediately online as an entire album (or you can choose one or more single tracks if you like). Learn more and see all of Mead's online albums on our Euphonium CD page:

    Euphonium Magic by Steven Mead, Volume 2

    This album features Steven in an ensemble made up of multiple Steven Meads through the ...
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